Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Work (Again!)

So, here is your weekend post!  This is starting to become a trend, this weekend thing, and I'm not too surprised to tell you that we will for sure be working next weekend, too, because I have a mini Zoo curriculum before we go with Daddy to the zoo on that Monday following.  So, here's what we covered this weekend:

For breakfast this morning, I made 'Candy Corn Waffles,' thanks to a great idea found at  Here's how you do it:
First, you make your batter (today, we used boxed pancake and waffle mix, the kind you add water to), then separate the batter into three separate bowls.  Then, you color your batter.  Leave one bowl uncolored, for the white portion of your candy corn.  For the yellow portion, I used 4-5 drops of yellow food coloring, and for the orange, I used 2 drops of red and 5 drops of yellow.
Once your waffle iron is ready, pour the batter into your iron as shown ... white in the center, surrounded by orange, and lastly, your yellow batter.
 All done!  Now, cut your waffle into fourths to get your triangular shape.
 'Candy Corn Waffles!'
 Breakfast is ready!
To help her to better understand both sounds the letter a makes, I came up with this little chart, with a division line in the center of a piece of paper, one side entitled 'short a,' and the other, 'long a.'  I then gave her a stack of pictures I had cut from magazines, and had her separate the pictures with the short a sound from the ones with the long a sound and adhere them to the appropriate side on her chart.  
 Busy ...
As she placed them, together, we'd sound out each word, then she'd tell me the letters she heard and I would write the word under its picture.  I made sure to write the a in each word in red, so she could see it especially.
 We then put it on our fridge with an A magnet.
 We did the same with c ... soft c and hard c ...
... and attached it to the fridge with a C magnet.
 And, finally, with e as well!  (We'll continue again this week, when we cover Gg, and do a chart for hard g, soft g.  Later, I will have them laminated so she can refer to them again.)
We completed our study of Bat Appreciation Month with a fun craft hiding in this little bat box I found last year at Hobby Lobby (during their post-Halloween sale when everything was 90% off!).
 Inside were the makings for a spooky Halloween bat necklace (also bought at Hobby Lobby after Halloween last year)!
 Making her necklace ...
 Then, I prepared our afternoon snack ... Halloween gelatin jigglers!  For each batch, you need (1) 3oz. package of gelatin, any flavor (I used orange and lime), 1 cup boiling water, cooking spray, and cute Halloween molds.  (I bought these little Halloween ice cube trays at the Dollar Tree this year, for only $1 each!)
Add your water to your gelatin mix and stir until the gelatin is completely dissolved, about 2 minutes.  Spray your molds with cooking spray, then pour your dissolved gelatin into each.  (I made the pumpkins orange and I chose green for the skulls, thinking they could be little zombies.)  Then, refrigerate for 3 hours or until firm.  To keep them from moving around too much on my refrigerator shelves, I placed all my molds onto a cookie sheet.  (I had extra gelatin after filling my Dollar Tree ice cube trays, so I put the extra in some other JELL-O Halloween molds I had purchased years ago at Hobby Lobby.)
Then, after three hours, it was time to snack!
Another after-Halloween sale find from last year were these little velvet posters with markers ... 10 cents each!  Mark your calendars after the holiday and get to Hobby Lobby!
Cute, Mags!  (She loves these!)
We then set to work making a 'Touch N Feel Fall Scene,' as seen at  For the same, you need a piece of blue cardstock or cardboard (I used some leftover blue poster board from the Dollar Tree from our 'Mayflower Hat' craft, glued onto some cardboard), a small piece of yellow construction paper, a brown marker, rice, glue, red, yellow, and green food coloring, 4 Ziploc bags, wax paper, and cotton balls.
Place 1 teaspoon of water into each of your 4 Ziploc bags.  Then, place 6 drops of red food coloring in one bag, 6 of green in another, and 6 of yellow in a third.  In the fourth and final bag, place 2 drops of red and 3-4 drops of yellow to make orange.  Finally, add 1/2 cup of your rice to each bag and shake well.
 Your rice should look like this.
 Once you're satisfied with your colors, pour the contents of each bag onto wax paper to dry for about 30 minutes.
All dry and ready to craft with!
 On your blue background, use your brown marker to color some tree trunks with branches.
Next, add glue to your scene at the trunks and below for your ground.
 Sprinkle your green rice onto your glue for grass.
 Lookin' good!
 Then, add glue to your branches for your 'Fall leaves.'
Sprinkle your red, orange, and yellow rice onto the glue you placed on your branches.  Let dry.
Once your rice has dried onto the paper, hold the paper up to let any loose pieces fall away.  Then, cut a circle from your yellow paper for a sun, and add puffs of clouds with your cotton balls to complete your Fall texture scene.
Love it!
I have to boast about Maggie's letter writing practice!  I'm so proud at how well she is writing these!  She did these all on her own!
Later, for Kids' Goal Setting Week, we picked one of Maggie's short-term goals (earning some money to spend at next week's trip to the zoo), and made a simple sticker chart for her to keep track of her progress in reaching that goal.
 She set right to work to earn a sticker towards her goal ... helping Mom hang laundry!
 One sticker down, and five more to go to earn $10 for the gift shop!

In addition to the above, we also:
World Rainforest Week:
1.  We read 'The Big Nose' poem out of our Zany Zoo book by William Wise, about a tapir.
1.  We read Halloween Parade by Harriet Ziefert.
2.  We read A Boo C: A Spooky Alphabet Story by Pamela Jane.
3.  We read The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin by Joe Troiano.
4.  We read The Night Before Halloween by Natasha Wing.
5.  We watched the Max & Ruby: Perfect Pumpkin DVD that we borrowed from Netflix.
6.  We watched the Sesame Street: A Magical Halloween Adventure DVD that we borrowed from the library.
Letter Review:
1.  We read Short a and Long a Play a Game by Jane Belk Moncure.
1.  For her journal entry over the weekend, I asked her, 'What's your favorite thing to do on the weekends?'  She answered, 'Play a game.'

So, that wraps up our week and weekend!  Tomorrow, we're going to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins and meet our friends for a hay ride! Mags is pretty amped up about it.  I'll be sure to post a few pics.  See you tomorrow!

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