Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'This place is a zoo!'

So, yesterday, we took our annual October family trip to Montgomery Zoo.  We like it so much better than Atlanta Zoo and have made it our tradition to go on a Monday in October when it's cool, almost completely empty, and the park feels like it belongs only to us.  We love it.  Here are a couple of yesterday's photos.

Daddy and Mags, ready to go!
 Checking out the sloth bear ...
 She was fascinated with the anteater after our recent study of the rainforest ...
 ... and the jaguar.
 But, she just giggled over the flamingos.  
 Zoo train!
 Maggie and Mommy.
 Feeding the baby giraffe.
 We fed this family of peacocks a few pretzels.
 Picnic time at the playground!
We take this shot every year.  She grew a few inches from last year.  Here is now ... 
... and last year!  A few inches taller!  :)

So, as I stated in the last post, we will be taking it easy this week, our eighth week of Pre-K.  Since I will homeschool Maggie year-round, it will be on occasion that we take a week or two off to regroup, but this week you can still look forward to a few posts, as we will be doing all things Halloween and catching up on our letter work.  Stay tuned for a post this afternoon, and as always, thanks for checking in on us!

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