Monday, October 3, 2011

Cookin' Up a Storm!

'My favorite recipe ... eat out.'  (Unknown)

So, for a fun field trip today, we invited our friends to Daddy's restaurant to have a tour, then cook and eat our own lunch!  Mags was really excited about it and it ended up being great fun!  (We missed you, Jayden!)  Here are some photos:

Prepping today's dessert with Daddy, Mags found it most fun to stir the chocolate mousse!
Each girl had her own apron and hat waiting ...
 Chef Mags!
 The girls, posing in their garb ... :)
 Ready to roll out their dough for a pizza lunch ...
 Lucy, Leah, and Ms. Anna!
 Busy girl!
 Time for toppings!
 Once our pizzas were in the oven, it was time to create our desserts ... little chocolate mousse cakes!
 Maggie's Masterpiece!
 Lucy found her calling!  :)
Yum!  Lunchtime!  
 The 'Moms' Pizza,' with extra mozzarella!  :)
 Lucy, tasting her handiwork!
 Leah, AKA: 'Chocolate Monster!'
 After lunch, the girls wanted to step out and walk along the river.
 Leah loves pulling Mags around!  :)

It was so much fun!  Anna and I agreed that we might have to do another tour soon, when the restaurant is open, so we can see the busy nature of a working kitchen!  (Thanks, Becky, for all your help today!)

See you again with tomorrow's post!

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