Friday, September 16, 2011

Mayflower Madness

What a busy day!  We started it out at Forest Friends in Auburn, where we studied birds, then came home to do a study of the Mayflower, in honor of Mayflower Day today!  Here are some photos (and one video for Mom and Dad!):

When we walked out of the house this morning, we noticed a little critter on the sidewalk!
 Fun times at Forest Friends!
 Today, we studied birds!
There were even a couple of chickens to observe!
 Petting Ms. Sarah's python ...
 And petting the chicken!
 Writing her name on her bird craft!  (Thanks, Libby!)
 So cute!  Of course, Mags wanted him all red!  He's made with a decorated paper plate, feathers, black sunflower seeds for his eyes, a paper beak, and some fishing wire!  She's quite proud of it!
 Ms. Jennifer, showing us another bird buddy!
And ... a video especially for Mom and Dad!  Mags is singing on our nature walk with all the other kids and moms!  I was so excited!  (For those of you who don't know, Mags does not speak in public very often, if ever (she was diagnosed with Selective Mutism), so this is a big deal for our family.)  Way to go, Mags!
Our 'Cucumber Mayflower,' filled with ranch dip for our afternoon snack!
 Mapping the Mayflower's route on our globe ...
 And, using the Mayflower model we made to make the same route ...
 For her journal entry today, I asked her, 'Pretend that you are a Pilgrim, aboard the Mayflower, on your way to America.  What is it like on the Mayflower?'  Her response was, 'Um, really kinda cool, but scary and dangerous!'  (Funny girl.  Her picture is of herself aboard the Mayflower.)
 She decided to also add herself to our model ship!
Mags and her Mayflower hat!  Too funny!

Today, we:
Daily (Calendar/Weather):
1.  We completed our calendar activities, putting today's date up on the calendar, and discussing the month, what day of the week it is, what date, what season, and what kind of weather we're having.
Bible Study:
1.  We completed the daily devotion out of our God and Me book, for today's date -- 'Talking  on the  Phone,' about how God always listens, then, we read 1 Samuel 16:1-13 together.
2.  We went on a nature walk together and identified the things that God created on the third day of Creation -- flowers, plants, and trees.
Mayflower Day:
1.  We looked through …If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620 by Ann McGovern and discussed the same.
2.  We looked through Mayflower 1620: A New Look at a Pilgrim Voyage, a National Geographic book put together by the people of Plimoth Plantation and discussed the same.
3.  We looked through The Mayflower Compact by Dennis Brindell Fradin and discussed the same.
4.  We looked through M is for Mayflower by Margot Theis Raven and discussed the same.
5.  We read The Voyage of the Mayflower by Allison Lassieur.
6.  We looked through You Wouldn't Want to Sail on the Mayflower! and discussed the same.
7.  We made the 'Mini Mayflower' as seen in our Happy Thanksgiving craft book, pages 24-27.
8.  We colored the Mayflower coloring page as seen at
9.  For today's journal entry, I asked her 'Pretend that you are a Pilgrim, aboard the Mayflower, on your way to America.  What is it like on the Mayflower?'  She responded, 'Um, really kinda cool, but scary and dangerous.'
10.  We mapped the route of the Mayflower from Plymouth, England, to Plymouth Rock,  Massachusetts.
11.  We made the cucumber Mayflower for snack as seen at
12.  We made the Mayflower hats as seen at
Children's Good Manners Month:
1.  We read Perfect Pigs: An Introduction to Manners by Marc Brown and Stephen Krensky.
2.  We read Manners at the Library by Terri DeGezelle.
Letter Bb Review:
1.  We completed page 3 of our Disney Learning: The Alphabet: Grade K workbook, which required her to identify the B's and b's among the other letters, and practice writing both.
1.  We attended Forest Friends in Auburn today, where we studied birds.

Well, that wraps up today!  We are a bit behind, so we'll be catching up this weekend.  Look for another post before our new school week starting Tuesday!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Where did you find the pattern to make the hat? I would love to make that with my kindergarten students this week.Can you please email me at and let me know?