Thursday, August 25, 2011

Robot Riot

Here is a sneak peak, Mom and Dad, of Maggie's new robot room!  For those of you who know, we just moved out of our house a week and a half ago and have been feverishly putting things together in our new place in time for Maggie's party on Saturday.  (Bet you can't guess what the party theme is! Yep, robots!  Seriously, when will this robot kick end?)  Before she was born, we had made her room to look like a rainforest, but we were continuously informed over the process of this move that a 'robot room' would be much more pleasing.  (Four-year-olds can be so insistent!) Anyway, here are some photos of Maggie's new robot room.  Enjoy!

 You know they love it when they're rolling on the floor!  :)
We used the letters from her old room, we just put sparkly foam squares behind them.
 My best friend, Lainey, made the fan pull for Maggie ... her own version of a robot!  It turned out so cute!
The blanket is one of the gifts I made for Maggie for her birthday.
 A bed fit for a robot!  (Thanks again, Susan, for the pillow and cute pillow cases!)
'I love this room!'
She insisted that the robots were everywhere!  Mission accomplished!
 Robot snacks made here.
 This robot needs a new battery!
Daddy's contribution to Mags' room ...
 And Mommy's ...
 Robots, robots, robots!
And, Mags' new closet!  (Mom, she needs NO MORE clothes!  This isn't even including what's in the dresser!)

So, Mags room is complete!  I should have our classroom finished by tonight, and I'll post pictures of that when we're done, too!  Thanks for checking in with us!  Less than 12 days until our new school year!