Monday, August 29, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake ... and marshmallows.

So, Mags' fourth birthday has come and gone.  As you may have read in earlier posts, she requested a robot party as she has been obsessed with all things robot for over a year now.  We obliged, and invited her friends (and ours) over this past Saturday for a 'Robot Riot.'  Here are some photos (and ideas for you!) from the same.

The poster I had on the outside of our door to welcome our guests ... 
In lieu of gifts, we have always asked our guests to donate $5 per family to a charity we choose that is thematic with our party that year.  This year, we chose Bots4Tots, an organization based in Chicago that provides an educational, robotic experience for underprivileged, inner city kids.  (I failed to notice until I hung it that I forgot the 'S' in 'BOTS' on my little sign.  Sheesh.)
 Our most quiet guest!   :)
I had large WALL-E coloring sheets and small aluminum cans with crayons on the table for the kids when they first came in.
This was a game that required the kids to use a robot claw to collect all of the items on the poster in order to complete their robots.  It was a hit!  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures yet of the kids in action, as I was helping with the game and not taking photos.  I'm hoping to get some off my mom's camera, though, and then I'll update the post.
The cool card Mags got from Grandma and Grandpop!
A rare photo of me with Al and Mags, before the party, in the robot shirts I made.  (I know, I hear you ... 'That poor guy!'  He was a good sport about it!)  
Al's cake, after the treacherous ride home in Georgia's 100-degree heat.  He started to lose his head (Al and the robot), but no one seemed to mind.  He surrounded him in Maggie's favorite fruit ... raspberries!
Al and Maggie made this tin can robot together, which held a little sign, some balloons, and forks for hair!  I got this idea from, and I think it turned out so cute!
 I had fun coming up with names for the snacks we served!
 The 'Power Cells' were Hershey's nuggets and I served red and black Twizzlers for 'Wires.'
'Computer Chips' served with 'Axle Grease' (French onion dip).
I also decorated the bar with slinkies and plastic auto funnels.
'Liquid Robot Fuel.'
After our guests arrived, we gave each adult a name tag with their robot names (here's 'Circuit Susie' helping the kids make robot necklaces) and each child a 'Battery Band' with which they could 'recharge' themselves if needed.  You can see Jayden's ('Joltin' Jay')on her upper arm.
 Maggie ('Mega Mags'), showing off her robot necklace!
 Elliott ('Excelliott') and Olivia ('Oil-ivia').
Hillary ('Hydro Hillary') and Vivian ('Vivi Volt'), starting their marshmallow robots.  (I provided large, mini, and extra large marshmallows, vanilla icing, and lots of little candies and pretzel sticks.)
 Marshmallow robots in the works!
 We also had candies (from Oriental Trading Company) with pieces that fit together to make a robot.
 'Mega Mags,' getting some help from Grandma ('Cyborg Cindy').
 Paisley ('Power Pais'), hard at work.
 Leah ('Leah Bot') and Lucy ('Lucy Tron'), snacking on their robots.
 'Vivi Volt' loved those marshmallows!  :)
 'Joltin' Jay' made a ladybug robot with her treats.
 Anna ('Annadroid') and her baby bots!  :)
 Looks good, Jay!
 Refueling with some 'Robot Liquid Fuel.'
'Mega Mags,' ready to blow out the candles on her cake!
 Time to cut into that robot!
 'Lucy Tron,' waiting for a piece ...
 The plates were cute (from Celebrate Express)!  
Happy 4th Birthday, my little robot!  
 Daddy gave the robot cake a mohawk with Maggie's four candles!
The robot crew, minus 'Vivi Volt,' who wasn't feeling it.
 (Mags' face is blurry in both.)  :(
Along with their robot claws and grabs from the same game, we gave out a parting treat bag and WALL-E puzzles that I found at the Dollar Tree.
Later, Mags opened up her presents from Grandma and Grandpop, Al and me.

I still can't believe my baby's four.  Thanks for peeking in on our party!  Stay tuned ... our Pre-K year starts Tuesday of next week!