Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fish Tales

Today was fun!  We met our friends, Leah and Lucy, for a viewing of Beauty and the Beast at the IMAX theater.  Later, we came home and finished our study of the 'Beach' and started some reading and projects about the 'Ocean,' which will keep us busy for the next few days.  Here are some photos:

The movie was shown at the IMAX at the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning.  We had never been!
 Ready for the show!
Maggie loves those little capsule sponges, so I started our study of ocean animals with some!  (The Dollar Tree has provided so much for us in the way of entertainment this past year!)
It's hard to be patient and let the water do all the work, so she likes to help things along!  :)
Sea critters!
Playing 'Fishy Solitaire' ...
We got our big fish put together and she was thrilled to have beat her ol' Mom!  :)
Making an ocean scene frame (from a kit that I bought off-season at Hobby Lobby for only 68 cents!) ...
 Ready for pictures, but it still works great as goggles!  :)
 Then, we painted our sand beads from yesterday.
Drying and waiting to be strung tomorrow!
 Have any of you used this catalog to order homeschooling supplies?  My friend, Anna, gave me a copy today and I couldn't believe how thick it is!  (It's almost as thick as my hand is wide, minus the thumb!)  Any tips on ordering through them?  

Today, we:
1.  We attended today's IMAX showing of Beauty and the Beast with our buddies, Leah and Lucy!
1.  We read Clam-I-Am! All About the Beach by Tish Rabe.
2.  We read Wish For a Fish: All About Sea Creatures by Bonnie Worth.
(Note:  Both of these books are from The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library which I would highly recommend!  I am proud to say we are quickly growing our own set!)
3.  We read the 'Dolphin Day' story in our Ladybug magazine, July/August 2011, pages 22-27.
4.  We read the 'Sea Story' poem in our Ladybug magazine, July/August 2011, page 30.
5.  We played the 'Fishy Solitaire' game as provided by our Ladybug magazine, July/August 2011, back cover.
6.  We played with our 'Sea Life' sponge capsules.
7.  We made an ocean scene frame (provided by a foam craft kit).
8.  We painted the sand beads that we made yesterday.

See you again soon!  :)

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