Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beach Babe

Today, we studied a fun summer topic ... the beach!  Since we don't live near a beach, we did our best to bring the beach home to us.  Here are some photos:

We started the day with a little summer surprise ... a summer charm bracelet!  (She was very proud.)
 Completing some math worksheets ...
 Then, came the real fun ... sand play indoors!  I bought this modeling sand at Michael's for $3.99, marked down from $9.99, and we did lots with it!
 First, we used one of her large blue buckets to make an ocean scene.
 Pouring the sand ...
 Setting the scene ...
 Then, we got out our collection of real shells to play with.
After that, we practiced making impressions into the sand, and combing it.
 Then, we took the sand and made sand beads, using white glue.  (Here is the article that we got the idea from.)
 First, we got one cup of sand ...
 .. and added it to 1/4 cup of white glue.
 It looked like we had a mini glazed cake!  A mother's dream in her dining room ... sand and white glue!  Ah, well ... it was messy but well worth it!
 After we mixed the glue and sand to make a dough, we rolled the dough into little balls and inserted toothpicks to make holes for our beads.  Tomorrow, after 24 hours, they will be hardened and ready to paint! 

Today, we:
1.  We read Follow That Ball by Margaret Crocker, about losing a beach ball.
2.  We read the 'Playing Together' story in our High Five magazine, July 2011, pages 6-9, about playing at the beach.
3.  We read the action poem, 'Summer Dance,' in our High Five magazine, July 2011, page 27.
4.  We read the 'Max and Kate' story in our Ladybug magazine, July/August 2011, pages 3-7, about a friend, away at the beach for vacation.
5.  We read the 'Popcorn' poem in our Ladybug magazine, July/August 2011, page 34, about the heat of summer.
6.  We completed the 'Building Castles' worksheet in our Getting Your Preschooler Ready for Math workbook, page 21, which required her to connect numerals 1-3 with quantity.
7.  We completed the 'Picnic on the Beach' worksheet in our Getting Your Preschooler Ready for Math workbook, pages 38-39, which required her to identify sets of 3.
8.  We completed the Sesame Street 'Summertime Fun!' math worksheets with reuseable stickers.
9.  We played with some flip flops stickers, placing them on yellow construction paper, in patterns, like footprints in sand.
10.  We had sand play indoors, using modeling sand, making ocean scenes, impressions, and patterns
11.  We made sand beads, using sand and white glue, as seen in Parents magazine, July 2011, page 148.
12.  We completed the 'At the Beach' worksheets in our Beginning Sequencing workbook, pages 19-20, which required her to cut out and glue into place different pictures depicting the story of a girl building a sand castle at the beach.

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