Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jellyfish and Octopi ... oh my!

Today, we stayed in and did lots of fun projects in continuance of our 'Ocean' curriculum.  We also took advantage of the extra time and made some really neat snacks to tie our theme all together!  Some photos:

Here is our 'School of Fish' snack, using dried apricots and mini pretzel twists.  For each fish, slit one end of an apricot and insert the bottom of your pretzel so the two humps of the pretzel are sticking out like a tail.  Pinch the apricot to hold the pretzel in place.  Next, pipe a cream cheese dot onto your apricot for the fish's eye.  (I used a Ziploc bag to pipe mine on.)  Finally, add a mini chocolate chip to the center of each fish's cream cheese eye, tip down.  Then, enjoy while reading your favorite fish tale!
 Ready to read, snack in hand, and making faces at the camera!
 'These fish are good!'
She asked me to take another picture of another 'funny face,' so, here you go!  :)
Working on our 'Handprint Fish' ... adding Cheerio bubbles ...
 Working on our clownfish math page ...
 Dot-to-dots ... Maggie's favorite!  :)
 The materials for our 'Flying Jellyfish' ... an empty, plastic single-serving fruit cup, Mod Podge, a paintbrush, glitter, small pieces of colored tissue paper, about 35 pieces of 1.5-feet long yarn and ribbon pieces, and one 2.5-feet long piece of yarn or ribbon.
 First, brush the inside of the fruit cup with a layer of Mod Podge.
Sprinkle some glitter into your wet cup, then add your small bits of tissue paper to the inside of the cup, brushing more Mod Podge over them as you go.  Then, allow the cup to dry.
Once the cup is dry, poke a hole through its bottom.  Then, gather your 35 or so pieces of yarn and ribbon into a neat bundle.  Use the one 2.5-foot piece of yarn to tie around the bundle, about 1 inch from the end.  Thread the ends of this piece of yarn up through the hole in the cup and tie it together for a hanging loop.  your jellyfish should now be complete!
Back to making funny faces ...
 She decided it looked best hanging from her closet door.
For lunch, we had tuna fish fish (yes, I meant to type that twice!) sandwiches, using circle and heart-shaped cookie cutters for the body and tail, olives for the eye and bubbles, and though I wish I had some red pepper or tomato for the mouth, I had to settle for a marascino cherry (though she didn't seem to mind).  I just laid him on a bed of 'rocks,' also known as Chex Mix!  :)
 We also had an octopus made of a green bell pepper (an orange one might have been better) and olive slices for eyes, sitting on a bed of ranch dip!
Making an ocean scene with reuseable stickers ...
 After that, we made our 'Watercolor Jellyfish,' first painting the jellyfish bodies with watercolor on thick paper ...
 After we made our three jellyfish bodies, we picked our picture up, added a small amount of water to each, and let the paint slide down for the tentacles.
 While it sat upright, we added a few more lines of paint to encourage the paint to fall into more tentacles!
 After we were satisfied with the amount of tentacles each jellyfish had, I taught her how to rub the bristles of her brush to splatter paint 'sea matter' around the fish.  (Am I crazy teaching my three-year-old to splatter paint?!)  :)
All done and ready to be displayed on the fridge!  (They look so good!)

Today, we:
1.  We watched our Disney Nature: Oceans DVD together.
2.  We read A Fish Out of Water by Helen Palmer.
3.  We read Disney's 1993 edition of The Little Mermaid.
4.  We read the 'Cleo the Clownfish' story out of our Animal Baby magazine, April 2009, pages 1-4.
5.  We ate a 'School of Fish' snack, using dried apricots and mini pretzel twists, as seen in Family Fun magazine, September 2008, page 86.
6.  We completed the 'How Many Do You See?' activity in our High Five magazine, February 2011, pages 16 and 17, which required her count different ocean animals in the painting.
7.  We completed the 'Ocean Animals' activity in our Animal Baby magazine, March 2009, pages 15-16.
8.  We completed the 'Fish Search' activity in our Animal Baby magazine, November 2008, pages 15-16.
9.  We made the 'Handprint Fish' as seen in our Animal Baby magazine, November 2008, back cover.
10.  We read Shel Silverstein's 'Fish?' poem out of his Where the Sidewalk Ends, page 145.
11.  We did a clownfish math worksheet out of one of our Animal Planet coloring books, that required her to count the number of clownfish in the picture, then identify the correct number below the fish.
12.  We did three dot-to-dot worksheets, one of an octopus, a shark, and a jellyfish.
13.  We made the 'Flying Jellyfish' craft as seen in a cut-out from Family Fun magazine, using an empty, plastic single-serving fruit cup and yarn and ribbon pieces.
14.  For lunch, we made the 'Tuna Fish Sandwich' as seen in Family Fun magazine, March 2011, page 51, using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, a circular cookie cutter, and olives for the eyes and the fish's bubbles.
15.  Also for lunch, we made the 'Garden's Octopus' snack as seen in a cut-out from Family Fun magazine, using a bell pepper and sliced olives for the eyes.
16.  We completed our 'The Deep Blue Sea' worksheets with reuseable stickers, which required her to decorate an ocean scene with sea life stickers, and observe all the different colors that one can find in the ocean.
17.  We completed the 'Something's Fishy!' worksheet in our Getting Your Preschooler Ready for Math workbook, page 20, that required her to color the fish picture using a color key with numbers.
18.  We made the 'Watercolor Jellyfish' pictures as seen at

That about wraps up today!  I'm hoping to finish up our 'Ocean' curriculum tomorrow, as well as do a few 'Pooh' activities in honor of the new Winnie the Pooh movie that opens in theaters.  (We're going with Daddy on Monday to see it!)  Next week, I plan on starting another 'lazy summer study' on water ... think sink and float experiments, etc.!  It should be fun!  See you soon!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy as Clams!

After attending Toddler Time at The Columbus Museum yesterday, we came home to do a little work.  (This Mom's been in full gear lately getting ready for our new school year, but I still plan to finish up this 'Ocean' curriculum while we're taking it easy this summer.)  We continued that work through today.  Here are some photos:

Lucy, Ms. Anna, Leah, and Mags, making vegetable prints at yesterday's Toddler Time at The Columbus Museum.
 Leah and Mags.
 They loved using the celery the best!
Afterwards, we played in the museum's Transformations room, where the girls put on a show for us!  :)
Stringing the sand beads that we made and painted last week ...
Ta-da!  Beautiful!
The materials for our 'Ocean in a Bottle' project ... a jar with a lid, water, cooking oil, blue food coloring, and we added an ocean creature for fun!
 Fill your jar halfway with water.
 Then, add a few drops of blue food coloring.
 Next, drop in your sea creature.
Finally, add oil to the top of the jar, screw your lid on tightly, and watch the mixture roll like ocean waves!
Mags thought it was lots of fun!
Showing off her octopus craft, which she quickly recognized shared the same number of legs as a spider!
 Adding sticker scales to her fish craft ...
Maggie's fish, who looks a bit worried if you ask me!  :)

Over the last two days, we have:
1.  We attended Toddler Time at The Columbus Museum, where we met our friends, Leah and Lucy, and made vegetable prints with paint on paper.  We then played a bit in the museum's Transformations room.
Ocean/Sea Life:
1.  We read Olvina Swims by Grace Lin.
2.  We read Smiley Shark by Ruth Galloway.
3.  We read Clumsy Crab by Ruth Galloway.
4.  We read Water Boy by David McPhail.
5.  We read The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.
6.  We read Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle.  (We love Eric Carle books!)
7.  We read The Mermaid and the Star by Nicola Baxter.
8.  We read Faucet Fish by Fay Robinson.
9.  We read Disney's 2003 version of Finding Nemo.
10.  We read Finding Nemo: Go Fish! All About Fins, Gills, Scales, and More! by Adrienne Mason.
11.  We read Disney's 2006 version of The Little Mermaid (a special edition).
12.  We watched the 'Enough with the Seashells' episode of our Sid the Science Kid: The Ruler of Thumb DVD (about estimation).
13.  We watched 'The Whale Episode' of our Sid the Science Kid: The Ruler of Thumb DVD (about measurement).
14.  We made the 'Ocean in a Bottle' activity out of our 501 Science Experiments book.
15.  We made the octopus craft out of our Brighter Vision: Make it Now: Summertime Crafts workbook.
16.  We made the fish craft out of our Brighter Vision: Make it Now: Summertime Crafts workbook.
Bible Study:
1.  We read Noah's Ark by Linda Hayward.
2.  We read Noah's Ark by Jerry Pinkney.  (This book has beautiful artwork.)
3.  We read Jesus by Brian Wildsmith.  (Maggie liked the pictures throughout this book, too.)

Check back with us as we'll be posting again soon!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fish Tales

Today was fun!  We met our friends, Leah and Lucy, for a viewing of Beauty and the Beast at the IMAX theater.  Later, we came home and finished our study of the 'Beach' and started some reading and projects about the 'Ocean,' which will keep us busy for the next few days.  Here are some photos:

The movie was shown at the IMAX at the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning.  We had never been!
 Ready for the show!
Maggie loves those little capsule sponges, so I started our study of ocean animals with some!  (The Dollar Tree has provided so much for us in the way of entertainment this past year!)
It's hard to be patient and let the water do all the work, so she likes to help things along!  :)
Sea critters!
Playing 'Fishy Solitaire' ...
We got our big fish put together and she was thrilled to have beat her ol' Mom!  :)
Making an ocean scene frame (from a kit that I bought off-season at Hobby Lobby for only 68 cents!) ...
 Ready for pictures, but it still works great as goggles!  :)
 Then, we painted our sand beads from yesterday.
Drying and waiting to be strung tomorrow!
 Have any of you used this catalog to order homeschooling supplies?  My friend, Anna, gave me a copy today and I couldn't believe how thick it is!  (It's almost as thick as my hand is wide, minus the thumb!)  Any tips on ordering through them?  

Today, we:
1.  We attended today's IMAX showing of Beauty and the Beast with our buddies, Leah and Lucy!
1.  We read Clam-I-Am! All About the Beach by Tish Rabe.
2.  We read Wish For a Fish: All About Sea Creatures by Bonnie Worth.
(Note:  Both of these books are from The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library which I would highly recommend!  I am proud to say we are quickly growing our own set!)
3.  We read the 'Dolphin Day' story in our Ladybug magazine, July/August 2011, pages 22-27.
4.  We read the 'Sea Story' poem in our Ladybug magazine, July/August 2011, page 30.
5.  We played the 'Fishy Solitaire' game as provided by our Ladybug magazine, July/August 2011, back cover.
6.  We played with our 'Sea Life' sponge capsules.
7.  We made an ocean scene frame (provided by a foam craft kit).
8.  We painted the sand beads that we made yesterday.

See you again soon!  :)