Friday, June 17, 2011

A Pigment of My Imagination

Today was a fun day.  We started it out in Auburn, at The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, where we looked for shapes and color in art, then made our own pictures using paper shapes.  We then came home to do some more art at home.  Here are some photos:

 Maggie was fascinated with this piece in the lobby.
 After we looked at different colors and shapes in art throughout the galleries, we were given paper shapes to make our own art, like below.
 Maggie's bird.
 Our group, hard at work, creating.
 After we finished our artwork, we checked out the museum's pond to spot turtles.
Maggie, making a 'noisy' picture, using color and pressure.
 Then, making a 'quiet' one.
 Maggie's 'noisy' and 'quiet' pictures, respectively.
 For our next project, we made 'Absorbing Artwork,' using a foil-covered, rimmed cookie sheet, heavy, white card stock, white glue, salt, an eyedropper, and water colored with food coloring.
 First, Maggie made designs on the card stock using the white glue, making sure the lines intersected in many places.
 Then, we sprinkled our wet glue with salt until completely covered and tapped off the excess into the tray.
 We then used the eyedropper to drip our colored water, one drop at a time, onto the salt.  The liquid moves along the glue lines, making the colors connect and blend in a really neat way!
 (She loved doing this!  We went on to make two more after this one!)
 A masterpiece!

Today, we:
1. We attended The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art tour, where we found colors and shapes in art, then made our own art using paper shapes.
1. We made a 'noisy' picture using color, and then a 'quiet' one.
2. We completed the 'Matching' worksheet on page 14 of our I Can Learn With Pooh: Early Skills: Colors workbook, which required her to draw a line to match each paintbrush with the same color paint can.
3. We did the 'Absorbing Artwork' activity as seen in Family Fun magazine, November 2010, page 108.

Because of all the socializing we did this week, we didn't quite finish this week's homeschooling work, so we'll continue a bit through the weekend and next week.  Check back with us!


  1. The Glass hanging chandelier is a Chihuly.
    I am digging her art pieces.

  2. Thanks, Steve! Maggie LOVES those art projects! :)