Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Art and Soul

This week will be busy to make up for last week when I was stuck in bed with a neck injury!  Not fun.  Poor Mags.  But, we made it through and are back in gear.  Today, we started a new curriculum we're calling 'Safety Week' and another new one of all things 'Art.'  (We'll end the week with a special field trip to the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art in Auburn with her Preschool Outings group.)  We're also delving deeper into our letter sounds so that we can start putting those sounds together to read words.  (She's starting to show all the signs of being ready to read soon!)  Here are some photos from today:

We colored a picture of a telephone (I got this template off the atozteacher website) with space along the bottom to write in our home number.  We then practiced 'punching' in our phone number using the telephone's buttons.
 After we practiced punching in the number onto our paper telephone, we used the real telephone to dial Mommy's cell phone number so we could hear it ring.  (I told her the importance of learning Mommy's cell phone number in case she ever gets lost in a store.)
 After we practiced using the telephone (we will continue this concept later in the week when we learn about 9-1-1), we made a bracelet with Mommy's cell phone number on it so she could wear it when we go out.  That way, she could tell a store clerk how to contact me.  (I got our number beads at Hobby Lobby.)
 Maggie, showing off her number bracelet.  :)
 Next, in our art study, we made 'Wet Chalk Pastels' pictures using sidewalk chalk, water, and black construction paper.
 She dipped the chalk into the water, making the chalk glide easily over her paper. 
 The chalk dries to look the same as if she drew with it directly on a chalkboard, but with much less effort, eliminating paper tearing.
We then made 'Sparkly Pictures' using crayons, black construction paper, a paintbrush, and salt water.  First, Maggie drew a design on paper, pressing hard on the paper with her crayons.
 After her design was complete, she painted the salt water onto her design, making sure not to get the paper too wet (to avoid tearing).
 Once dry, the salt in the water will make her design shine!
Working on some mosaic tile art using small squares of colored paper on a white background ...
 She said she wanted to give this to Daddy for Father's Day, so we then decided to make a frame!
 We made a frame using colored popsicle sticks and some glitter glue.
 A masterpiece, waiting to dry!

Today, we:
Father's Day:
1. We read the 'Let's Go Fishing' story in our High Five magazine, June 2011, pages 26-29 (about spending time with Dad).
2. We read the 'Mop Family & Father's Day' comic strip in our Ladybug magazine, May/June 2011, pages 32-33.
3. We read the 'Dad' poem together by Berlie Doherty.
4. We made some special Father's Day cards for Daddy, Grandpop, and Grandpapa.
Safety ('Know Your Info'):
1. We read I Know Where I Live by Diane H. Pappas & Richard D. Covey.
2. We learned our address and phone number by saying it, writing it, and reciting it.
3. We made a 'Phone Number Bracelet' (as seen in one of my magazine cut-outs), using elastic and number beads to spell out my cell phone number.  We then discussed that should she ever get lost in a store, for example, she can ask a store clerk to call the number on the bracelet to find Mom.
4. We colored a telephone coloring sheet, and added in the numbers to our home phone at the bottom. We then practiced 'dialing' the same.
Art (General):
1. We read An ABC of What Art Can Be by Meher McArthur.
2. We read Seen Art? by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith.
3. We read The Art Room by Susan Vande Griek.
4. We read The Art Box by Gail Gibbons.
5. We read To Be an Artist by Maya Ajmera & John D. Ivanko.
6. We watched the For the Love of Art DVD that we borrowed from the library.
7. We listened to the 'Art is Everywhere' song (track 8) on our Yo Gabba Gabba soundtrack.
8. We made mosaic tile art using small squares of colored paper on white paper.
9. We made a frame with colored Popsicle sticks, glued into a square and decorated with glitter glue.  We then framed our mosaic tile art and wrapped it for Daddy for Father's Day.
10. We made the 'Wet Chalk Pastels' pictures as seen in our The Everything Toddler Activities Book, page 64.
11. We made the 'Sparkly Pictures' as seen in our The Everything Toddler Activities Book, page 60.
Writing Practice and Letter Sounds (cont'd) ('F'):
1. We completed pages 16-17 of our Hooked on Phonics: Learn to Read: Pre-K: Level 2 Workbook.
2. We practiced writing big letter 'F' and little letter 'f' in our Alphabet and Counting workbook, page 17. We also read the 'F' tongue twister on the same page so she could hear the 'F' sound.
3. We completed the 'Friendly Fish' worksheet in our Disney Learning: The Alphabet workbook.
4. We completed page 7 of our Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Alphabet Learning Workbook.
5. We practiced writing lowercase 'f' in our Learn with Dick and Jane: lowercase letters workbook,
page 3.
6. We completed the 'F Is for Fish' activity in our Getting Your Preschooler Ready to Read workbook, page 81, which required her to identify pictures that start with the 'F' sound.
7. We completed the 'Beginning Consonant F, f' worksheet in our I Can Learn With Pooh: Early Skills: Beginning Sounds workbook, page 6.
8. We practiced writing her name (first and last) using our new Learn to Letter with Raised Ruling writing pad.

Tomorrow, we'll be in Auburn with our Preschool Outings group for a special produce tour of the Earth Fare grocery store, but we'll come home afterwards to explore color in art!  See you then!

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