Thursday, May 19, 2011

Strawberry Pickin' with Pais

Maggie's best friend is Paisley, who she's known since she was about seven months old.  They are the perfect complement to each other and really get excited whenever they know they're getting together (which, unfortunately, is less often since Pais moved about forty-five minutes away last year).  So, it was no surprise that they were jumping up and down to find out they were going to go strawberry picking today!  Here are some photos:

 Even Baby Olivia got in on the action!
 They were so pretty!
Not full yet ...
 The girls found this grasshopper, among other things!
 Silly girls!
 After we picked all of our berries (2 whole gallons!), we hung out in the shade and sipped some strawberry punch!
 Our goodies!
 Three peas in a pod!  :)
 Stopping for a cold treat ...
 So many berries!
 Then, we made jam!  (The girls loved the squishing part!)
 Our jam!
It was the best day we had in a while and Maggie talked about it all the drive home!  (I'm sure she'll continue to talk about it for days to come.)  Thanks, Sus, for such a great day!  We love you, Pais! 

'There is no distance too far between best friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart.'  (Unknown)

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