Monday, April 11, 2011

What do I see? An Easter tree!

It really is starting to look like Easter around our house!  This weekend, we made a centerpiece for our dining room table that we will be adding to over the next couple of weeks ... an Easter tree!  Maggie was so excited to start making it!  Here are some photos:

For letter practice, I spread 26 pieces of paper around the room, each with one of the letters of the alphabet on it.  When I made the sound of the letter, she would find and jump on the correct letter.
 For our 'Letter Search' activity, I would shout out a letter and she would find it on a piece of newspaper and circle it with her marker.
 Working on her 'Rebus Letter' after reading Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Benjamin Bunny ...
 The branches that we picked out for our Easter tree ...
 After we cleaned and dried our branches, we spray-painted them in white.
 Once dry, we placed them in a vase with some pastel decorator stones.  Now, we just need a few ornaments ...
 We used Easter cookie cutters to cut shapes out of quick-drying clay.
 Once our shapes were cut, we used a toothpick to make a large hole in the top of our shapes (for hanging later), and set them out to dry.  Once dry, we will paint them and then glaze them for our tree!
For our next Easter tree project, we blew some eggs for decorating.
First, we made small holes on either side of each egg.
 Then, we blew out the whites and yolks!
 We thought that plastic bottle caps would be a great holder for our eggs while drying!
 Then, the decorating began using watercolors.
 Maggie's 5 eggs to Daddy's 1 ... drying and waiting for stickers ...
 (Just so you know, the insides of those eggs, did not go to waste!)
Working on her Easter egg foam magnet ...
 Drying and waiting to go on the fridge ...

Since Friday, we:
1. We read The Flower Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta.
2. We read Penguins ABC by Kevin Schafer.
3. We read Picture a Letter by Brad Sneed.
4. We read The Graphic Alphabet by David Pelletier.
5. We read The Little Cats ABC Book by Martin Leman.
6. We watched our Sesame Street: Letters DVD.
7. We sang the 'I Am Learning' song, which goes through each letter of the alphabet, and makes the sounds that letter makes.
8. We did the 'Letter Search' activity in our Teaching House book, page 3.
9. Letter practice: We practiced writing big letter 'D' and little letter 'd' in our Alphabet and Counting workbook, page 13.  We also read the 'D' tongue twister so she could hear the 'D' sound.
10. I wrote one letter each on 26 pieces of paper and spread them around the room for her to jump on when I called out the sound.
Baby Animals:
1. We read Grover's Book of Cute Little Baby Animals by B. G. Ford.
2. We read Baby Farm Animals (a Golden book).
1. We read The Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies by Beatrix Potter.
2. We read Hippity Skippity Easter by Maria Fleming.
3. We read Babar and the Runaway Egg by Ellen Weiss.
4. We read Easter by Gail Gibbons.
5. We read The Tale of Benjamin Bunny by Beatrix Potter.
6. We completed the 'Rebus Letter' in our Easter Fun With Peter Rabbit activities book, page 6, using stickers to finish a letter from Peter Rabbit to Cousin Benjamin.
7. We watched the Bugs Bunny's Easter Funnies DVD that we borrowed from the library.
8. We made the little Easter tree (using a painted branch) as seen in our 365 Thinks To Make and Do book, pages 226-227.  To decorate it further, we blew out some eggs, as shown in Easter Fun by Deri Robins, page 10, then decorated them, according to the instructions on page 14.  We then made the clay shapes, using our cookie cutters, as seen in Easter Fun, page 15.  After they dry, we will paint them in the next couple of days, and hang them from our tree!

Check us out again tomorrow when we start another more week of 'Alphabet on the Whole' and start our curriculum on 'Rhyming Words.'  Also, more Easter projects to come!


  1. Love the letter hop idea, thanks so much for sharing!! And the tree is gorgeous... looks like something bought!