Friday, April 8, 2011

It's a girl!!!

Our luna mouth emerged today from its cocoon!!  It is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!  I was walking by our kitchen window and something caught my eye ... lo and behold, 'Little Fella' was hanging from a twig!  Though we quickly noticed ... 'Little Fella' is a she!  (Her antennae would be much thicker if she were male.)  Here are some photos:

Drying her wings for tonight's flight ...
 This is such a neat thing to witness!
 LOVE this photo of Mags laughing!  :)
 She is so beautiful!
So cool!
She spread her wings!
 Checking it out with Aunt Lainey ...
At dusk, we placed her outside so that she could take off when she was ready!
 So beautiful!  Here, you can see how fuzzy her back is!
 Her cocoon was still very much intact ... just a small hole on the end was open.
 Here's a good shot of her eye!
 Before Maggie's bedtime, we went to read stories, but we were worried about a bird still spying her ... so we laid out some babydolls to 'protect' her! 

A little over an hour after this last shot was taken, she was ready and flew away!  So long, 'Little Fella!'  Thanks for the experience!

Today, we dissected our luna moth's cocoon!  Here are the photos: 

She emerged from this tiny hole!
 When we split open the cocoon, we noticed her intact old skin that she had shed inside!
 If you look closely, you can even see the thread still attached to the tip! 

So, that was the final chapter of our luna moth's stay!  Hopefully, she will find a deserving beau quickly!  This was such a great experience.  I hope we will be fortunate enough to do it again!


  1. So cool dosnt cover it, how amazing to watch her hatch.She is beautiful:)

  2. Jessica, I agree! It was really a great experience!