Thursday, April 7, 2011

Funny Bunny

Hi, readers!  It's Thursday again, and I don't know about you, but for us, the week has flown!  It's hard to believe tomorrow is Friday again!  I guess we've just been busy.  Today, we continued our Alphabet studies and did a few more Easter crafts.  Here are some photos:

The 'ABC Dominoes' I made last night, for today's activity ...
 Matching up her 'ABC Dominoes' ...
(She really enjoyed this activity.)
 I made her a snack of Alpha-Bits with raisins and mini chocolate chips, and together, we identified and found letters to make the alphabet.
 What I DIDN'T know is that Alpha-Bits does a poor job of providing all the letters needed to fulfill our alphabet, so how any kid can spell a word to completion is beyond me.  (Can you sense my frustration?)  There were no 'G's and no 'M's, so spelling Maggie's name was out of the question!  [Grrrrr....]  This was the extent of the letters in our box.
 Well, for those of you who don't know her well, my child is quite the antagonist, and the minute I turned my back, still fussing about the lack of letters in our plate, she scooped them up and shoved them in her gob, giggling!  Funny girl!  (She loves to get my goat!) 
 Later, we did a worksheet where we matched the baby animals to the correct Beatrix Potter mother for our 'Animal Babies' curriculum.  (We love Beatrix Potter around here.)
 Then, she made an Easter scene with some bunny stickers on a grassy background.
 The paper bunny finger puppets we made ...
 Putting the beak on our foam Easter chick (to which we added a magnet for the fridge) ...
 Once he was glued, Maggie yelled, 'He's a chick magnet!'  This made me laugh.  :)
 Maggie's sandwich today at lunch!  (I'm doing my best, Lori!)  :)
 The materials you need to make a 'Footprint Bunny' ... white and pink paper, a pencil, scissors, glue, a black crayon, a cotton ball, google eyes, and something for a nose.  (We chose a flat pink gem.)
 After you trace your child's foot on the white paper, cut it out, along with two white ears and two smaller pink versions of the ears to serve as the ears' blush. 
 Glue the ears and blush onto the heel of the foot, as shown, followed by your nose, eyes, and cotton 'tail.'  Draw whiskers on around the face using your black crayon.  You now have a 'Funny Bunny!'

Today, we:
1. We read The Alphabet Tree by Leo Lionni.
2. We read The Alphabet Keeper by Mary Murphy.
3. We read Eating the Alphabet: Fruits & Vegetables from A to Z by Lois Ehlert.
4. We read Ben's ABC Day by Terry Berger.
5. We read Alphabet Under Construction by Denise Fleming.
6. We played 'ABC Dominoes' as seen in our The Everything Toddler Activities Book, page 216.
7. Letter practice: We practiced writing big letter 'C' and little letter 'c' in our Alphabet and Counting workbook, page 11.  We also read the 'C' tongue twister so she could hear the 'C' sound.  We discussed the difference between the hard 'C' sound (as in 'car' or 'cookie') and the soft 'C' sound (as in 'cereal' or 'celery').
8. We ate alphabet cereal for snack (mixed with raisins and chocolate chips), and identified letters within the same. 
Animal Babies:
1. We read Tough Beginnings: How Baby Animals Survive by Marilyn Singer.
2. We watched The World of Baby Animals DVD that we borrowed from the library.
3. We completed the 'Baby Animals' worksheet (with stickers) in our Easter Fun With Peter Rabbit activities book, page 12.
1. We read The Bunny Who Found Easter by Charlotte Zolotow.
2. We read Max Counts his Chickens by Rosemary Wells.
3. We read Easter by David F. Marx.
4. We read The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.
5. We read Peter Rabbit's Happy Easter by Grace Maccarone.
6. We decorated a piece of paper that had a grassy background with Easter stickers to make an Easter scene.
7. We made the bunny finger puppets as seen in Family Fun magazine, April 2011, page 63.
8. We made the 'Footprint Bunny' in our The Everything Toddler Activities Book, page 253.
9. We made an Easter chick magnet.

Check us out tomorrow when we play a special letter sounds game and make an Easter tree for a centerpiece for our dining room table!


  1. I love the bunny sandwich!! I'm struggling with my bentos now that I'm cutting out artificial food dyes! We're going to have to try the sticker/paper idea sometime! Love it!

  2. I saw that you were cutting out dyes ... a good idea, but you're right ... that would make the creativity with your Bentos a bit of a challenge! Honestly, Lori, the sticker and paper idea is a cheap trick that makes her happy and lets me get some housework done! :)