Thursday, April 14, 2011

'Carrot Top Cupcakes'

We had nowhere to be today, so we filled it with lots of activities and had a good time.  We made some yummy 'Carrot Top Cupcakes,' followed by a really neat 'Crackled Egg Art' craft, then continued our alphabet study by taking our camera outdoors to find 'letters' in everyday objects.  Some photos from today:

Making the batter for our 'Carrot Top Cupcakes' ...
(For those of you who know it, no, we didn't make it from Mom's awesome carrot cake recipe.  We just used a boxed mix today.)
Our 'Carrot Top Cupcakes!'  After frosting them with cream cheese frosting, I sprinkled graham cracker crumbs along the edges of the cupcakes, then added a candy circus peanut on top for the 'carrot,' and cut some candy spearmint leaves for the carrot's top. 
  I placed some of the carrots across the cupcakes, and others, I inserted through the middle.
 Ready to eat!
 YUM!  (After she ate hers, Mags insisted we bring a couple to our next-door neighbors.)
 Later, after reading two books on the same, we went outdoors to find some letters not so easy to see.  (My brother will be so proud of this project.)  Here are a few of those photos.  Our 'L' photo ...
 Here are our eggshells, drying after a wash, for our 'Crackled Egg Art' project.  (This crackled egg art is an Egyptian custom in celebration of Spring.) 
Ready to dye our eggshells in water with a bit of food coloring added ...
Our dyed eggshells, drying ...
Then, we glued our dried eggshells onto a cardboard cut-out of an egg.
 Our 'Crackled Egg Art!'
Coloring the template for our 'Tumble Bunny' ...
 Our 'Tumble Bunny,' ready to go!
 Making her bunny tumble ...
A video demonstration for you ... :)

Today, we:
1. We read The City ABC Book by Zoran Milich.
2. We read Alphabet City by Stephen T. Johnson.
3. We did our own letter-hunting outdoors (as seen in the above two books), and took photos of the 'letters' we found.
4. Letter practice: We practiced writing big letter 'G' and little letter 'g' in our Alphabet and Counting workbook, page 19.  We also read the 'G' tongue twister so she could hear the 'G' sound, and we discussed the difference between the hard 'G' sound (as in 'grass' or 'goat') and the soft 'G' sound (as in 'gym' or 'giraffe').
1. We read The Berenstain Bears' Baby Easter Bunny by Jan & Mike Berenstain.
2. We read What Do Bunnies Do All Day? by Judy Mastrangelo.
3. We read Clifford's Happy Easter by Norman Bridwell.
4. We read Little Lamb by Piers Harper.
5. We read Coriander's Easter Adventure by Ingrid Ostheeren.
6. We read Miz Fannie Mae's Fine New Easter Hat by Melissa Milich.
7. We made the 'Crackled Egg Art' as seen in our Big Fun Craft Book, pages 80-81.
8. We watched our The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny DVD.  (She LOVED this!)
9. We made the 'Carrot Top' cupcakes (as seen in Parents magazine, November 2009, page 140) using a carrot cake mix for the cake, cream cheese frosting, graham crackers, candy circus peanuts, and green candy spearmint leaves for the carrots' leaves.
10. We made the 'Tumble Bunnies' as seen in Family Fun magazine, April 2011, page 24.
11. We watched our It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown DVD.  (Daddy, she mentioned several times that you will be seeing this on Saturday with her!)
Rhyming Words:
1. We played with our Rhyming Dominoes.
Spring/Birds/Weather (ongoing curriculums):
1. We read The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins.
2. We read Kite Flying by Grace Lin.

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