Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Alphabet Rock and Bunny Hop

Today, our Forest Friends class was cancelled because of all the storms last night, so we finished our work early.  Now that we have completed our 'Letter of the Week' curriculum (we finished the letter 'Z' last Thursday), I have started what I am calling the 'Alphabet on the Whole' study.  We will be doing things with all the letters over the next two weeks, as well as starting 'Letter of the Day' lessons to practice some more writing of them.  (It has been over 26 weeks ago since we practiced writing big letter 'A,' for example.)  With the writing, we will also focus on the sounds, including the tricky ones, like the different vowel sounds and the soft 'c' and 'g,' like in the word, 'giraffe,' which sounds like it starts with a 'j' instead.  This will be challenging, but we'll do our best. 

Also this week, we have started a study on 'Animal Babies' and for the next three weeks, we'll be doing reading and crafting for Easter.  Please keep checking in with us!

Some photos from today:

Here, Mags is spreading out the pieces to her Alphabet Train puzzle.  I let her do all the work on this activity, while I watched and encouraged, because I wanted to see how much she knew from our 'Letter of the Week' studies.
 It was really rewarding to watch her sing the alphabet if she couldn't remember the next letter in the sequence.  After she'd find that letter, I asked her to name things that started with the letter.
 All done!  She was very proud of herself, as was I!
 Doing an A-Z dot-to-dot ...
 She was so excited to decorate for Easter today!
 Here are the materials for our next craft, our 'Paint Chip Easter Egg Garland' (Thanks, Cassie, for the link!) ... free paint chips from your local hardware store, an egg stencil, a pencil, scissors, a hole punch, and string!
Trace your egg stencil onto the paint chips, so that the white line separating the colors is centered on your egg.  Cut each egg out, then punch two holes in the top of each egg, as shown.   

 String your eggs onto the string in the pattern you desire.
 Then, simply hang!  It's a very inexpensive way to decorate for Easter!
 One of our last projects of the day was our 'Bunny Ears Hat.'  Here, Maggie is coloring the center of her ears pink.
 While we made them, we sang the 'I Wish I Were a Bunny' song.  (They turned out so cute!  I want to leave the instructions, but I fear they may be too difficult to follow without the diagram I was reading from out of our book.  If you want the instructions, drop me a comment and I will follow up this post with a photo of the instructions and maybe they won't be too hard to see.)
 A side view ... ready to hop!  :)
 And, then she hopped away!  :) 

Today, we:
Alphabet/Letter 'A':
1. We read Elmo's ABC Book by Sarah Albee.
2. We read ABC: A Child's First Alphabet Book by Alison Jay.
3. We read Clifford's ABC by Norman Bridwell.
4. We read The Cats' ABC by Josie Firmin.
5. We put together her 'Alphabet Train' puzzle.
6. We completed the A-Z dot-to-dot picture of a zebra out of her Beginning Sounds workbook.
7. We listened to our Alphabet and Counting CD, which includes the following songs: 'The ABC Song,' 'The Animal Alphabet,' 'A is for Alligator,' 'Silly Alphabet Song,' 'ABC Nursery Rhyme Game,' 'Old MacDonald’s Letter Farm,' 'Alphabet Rock,' 'This is the Sound,' and 'Letters That We Write.'
8. Today's letter practice: We practiced writing big letter 'A' and little letter 'a' in our Alphabet and Counting workbook, page 7.  We then read the 'A' tongue twister so she could hear the 'A' sound.
Animal Babies:
1. We read Whose Baby Am I? by John Butler.
2. We read Animal Babies ABC by Barbara Knox.
3. We put together and read the 'My Book About Baby Animals' activity, found in our Brighter Vision: Zoo Animals workbook.
4. We completed the 'Where's My Mom?' worksheet in our Getting Your Preschooler Ready for Math book, page 11.
1. We read Bunny Trouble by Hans Wilhelm.
2. We read Little Bunny's Easter Surprise by Jeanne Modesitt.
3. We read The Grumpy Easter Bunny by Justine Korman.
4. We read Happy Easter, Curious George by Margret & H. A. Rey.
5. We read Marushka's Egg by Elsa Okon Rael.
6. We decorated for Easter together, including putting some egg window clings in our kitchen window.
7. We watched the Holidays for Children: Easter DVD that we borrowed from the library.
8. We made the 'Bunny Ears Hat' as seen in our Just for Two's book, page 15.
9. We sang the 'I Wish I Were a Bunny' song as seen in our Just for Two's book, page 15.
10. We made the 'Paint Chip Easter Egg Garland' as seen at www.modernparentsmessykids.com/2011/03/diy-paint-chip-easter-garland.html.

Sorry that the post is shorter today!  I really hadn't expected Forest Friends to be cancelled, so half of our day became empty, but sometimes empty is good.  (Maggie has been busy reorganizing her toys ... so much like her mother!)  Check us out tomorrow when we make Easter chicks pictures using our fingerprints!


  1. The Bunny ears are so cute and I love the egg garland idea too; will try this with my class.

  2. Great! Thanks for peering in on us, Shelly! :) If you need instructions on the bunny ears, as I said, I can make a separate post with a photo of the diagram. Let me know. :)