Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Fever

'Spring's greatest joy beyond a doubt is when it brings the children out.'  Edgar Guest

Happy Thursday!  Spring is in the air!  Yesterday was a slow day for me, but I woke recharged today and ready to get some things done!  If you didn't check out the two links I posted yesterday for the live feeds of the hummingbirds nesting, please do.  My sister-in-law, DeAnna, sent them to me and they are both really very cool.  (Last night, I even pulled Maggie away from her dinner to see Phoebe feeding her chicks!)  I was so inspired, I put together a mini 'Hummingbirds' curriculum, which we did today.  (Check out the photos below.) 

As far as our Bugs curriculum, if you haven't already guessed, we've been doing a general study this week, which will continue tomorrow, but starting next week, each day will consist of a more focused study, starting with Tuesday's study of 'Ladybugs and Other Beetles.'  This will be followed by 'Bees,' 'Butterflies,' and 'Spiders, the Non-Bugs.'  Get ready! 

Today's interesting bug fact:  There are 35,000 kinds of ants in the world!  (That's astounding to me!)

Our photos from today:

She colored this picture of a hummingbird with the colors she saw after watching the live feeds of the two nesting birds that we mentioned in our last post.  I thought it turned out great!
 We put the stages of a bird's life cycle in order, and then on a ribbon for her to hang where she wanted.
 Drinking 'nectar' (really, diluted fruit and veggie juice) from her 'Hummingbird Sipper.'  (She got a kick out of pretending to be a hummingbird putting her 'beak' in the flower.)
 The materials for our pom-pom hummingbird ...
 First, we colored our toothpick black with our marker.  Once colored, we cut it in half.
 Next, we glued the smaller pom-pom onto the larger one, then glued on our google eyes and one half of our colored toothpick for the beak.
 Finally, we cut our muffin cup paper into equal fourths and glued two of the fourths on to either side of the large pom-pom for wings, and a third piece on the rear of the pom-pom for a tail.  Here is our hummingbird drying, as Maggie sips out of her 'Hummingbird Sipper' in the background.
 Our pom-pom hummingbird, all done and 'drinking nectar' from a flower!  :)
 The materials for our paper flowers ... flower shapes cut from paper, plastic beads, a hole punch, and pipe cleaners.
 For each flower, we placed the smaller flower shape on top of the larger and punched two holes through each piece.  Then, we pushed the pipe cleaner up through one hole, added two beads, and carried the pipe cleaner back down through the second hole.  Wrap the pipe cleaner tightly around itself under the bloom and you have a flower!
 The 'Green-haired Porcupine' that we made last week is looking quite 'quilly.'  Maggie is excited to give him his first haircut tomorrow!  :)
 Picking some wildflowers for pressing ...
 Our finds for pressing ...
 Laying out the flowers for pressing ...
Maggie was happy to add weight to the book pressing our flowers!  (We'll check them next week.)
Holding her 3D models of a grasshopper and dragonfly ...

Today, we:
Letters 'X' and 'Y':
1. We made the 'X' page of our letter book.
2. We made the 'Y' page of our letter book.
1. We read The Sweetest Spring by Apple Jordan.
2. We read When the Root Children Wake Up by Audrey Wood.
3. We read the 'Sing Me a Soft Song, Mr. Wind' story in our High Five magazine, April 2011, pages 12-17.
4. We did the 'Growing Up' activity in our Birds workbook by Brighter Vision (page 18), that required us to place the pictures of a bird's life cycle in order.
5. We peered in again on the live feeds of the two mother hummingbirds, Emma and Phoebe.  (For the links, check out yesterday's post.) 
6. We read the 'Henry the Hummingbird' story in our Animal Baby magazine, July 2009, pages 1-4.
7. We colored a coloring sheet of a hummingbird.
8. We made the pom-pom hummingbird craft as seen at, using pom-poms and a muffin cup paper! 
9. We made the 'Hummingbird Sipper' straw as seen in our Animal Baby magazine, July 2009, back cover.
10. We made the paper flowers as seen in Rosie O'Donnell's Crafty-U book, pages 46-47.
11. We pressed some wild flowers that we found growing outside, which we will uncover one day next week.
1. We read Bug Off! by Cathi Hepworth.
2. We read Insects Are My Life by Megan McDonald.
3. We read The Big Bug Ball by Dee Lillegard.
4. We read Dot and Jabber and the Big Bug Mystery by Ellen Stoll Walsh.
5. We read The Perfect Pet by Margie Palatini.
6. We read The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle.
7. We looked through our A Pocket Guide to Insects by Patrick Hook.
8. We watched the The Magic School Bus: Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! DVD that we borrowed from the library.
9. We put together our 3D puzzle dragonfly and grasshopper models.
10. We painted her firefly, flies, and crickets Magic Paint Posters.
11. We completed the 'Backyard Bugs' worksheet in our Getting Your Preschooler Ready for Math book, pgs. 24-25 (a counting worksheet).
12. We listened to the following songs on our Wee Sing tape: 'The Bugs Are A- Comin,' 'A Flea and a Fly,' and 'A Big Black Bug.'
13. We listened to 'Grasshoppers Three' and 'Shoo Fly' on our Wee Sing Fun-n-Folk CD.
14. We listened to the following songs on our Yo Gabba Gabba soundtrack: 'All My Friends are Insects' (track 2) and 'I Love Bugs' (track 11).

Tomorrow, we're going on a bug hunt, with magnifying glasses and insect viewers in tow!  Check us out to see what we find!

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