Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Fever

Hi, everyone!  Today, we started our Spring curriculum and what better way to commence the Spring than with showers?  It worked out great, because I had some rain projects planned, and we had nowhere to be.  Some photos from today:

This photo is from last night when we placed a measuring cup on our outdoor table to serve as our rain gauge.
This morning, checking our rain gauge ...
Here, Maggie's setting up a drip painting, also called 'Pitter Patter Paint.'  She's using a popsicle stick to gouge out paint chips from an old watercolor set. 
We placed our paper with paint chips on our outdoor table and let the raindrops do the rest!  Nature's artwork!
She wanted me to take a photo of her new galoshes!  :)
Stomping in puddles ...
We couldn't locate her Mickey Mouse umbrella, so Mom's big umbrella was put to use ...
My favorite girl.  :)
Just some St. Patrick's Day stickers on a piece of grassy scrapbook paper can make a festive Leprechaun village!
The ingredients for our 'Shamrock Tortilla Cookies' ...
Cutting shamrocks out of the tortillas ...
On the pan, ready for some cooking spray (spray lightly) ...
Adding some green sugar sprinkles ...
Ready for the oven!  (Bake at 400 degrees until light brown.  Watch them carefully, because this time around, ours got too dark very fast!)
Lunch today was a pot of 'gold' (pineapple chunks), honey ham and cheese squares, 'Shamrock Tortilla Cookies,' (again, they shouldn't be this dark), and a piece of lime Jello pie with a gold coin!
Here are the materials for our 'Sprout Shapes' project, minus the seeds (a plastic tray, cookie cutters in Spring shapes, ten paper towels, water, and a spoon).  This project called for alfalfa seeds, but after a trip to Walmart, Kmart, Lowe's, and even a call to the local health food store, alfalfa seeds could not be found.  (Who knew they would be so difficult to find?)  In place of them, we used grass seed, which I think will be less fun, as alfalfa would have been fun to clip and put on a sandwich, but we had to make do.  (I do hope grass seed will produce the same result.  Stay tuned.)  If you are lucky enough to find alfalfa, I commend you ... and I expect you to enlighten me.
Soaking our paper towel stack with water ...
Placing our cookie cutters on the wet paper towels ...
Filling in the shapes with our seed ...
Once the cookie cutters are removed, we have fun Spring shapes!  We put them in a window, and when the paper towels are dry, we are supposed to wet them lightly.  Soon, we should see the seeds sprout and our Spring shapes will be green!
Playing with our opposites puzzle cards ...

Today, we:
Letter 'W':
1. We looked at and discussed big letter 'W' and little letter 'w' and words that start with 'W': water, watermelon, wagon, white, wheels, whale, wind, wash, whistle, worm, etc.
2. We read My "w" Sound Box by Jane Belk Moncure.
3. For review, we did an alphabetical dot-to-dot (A-T).
1. We read the 'The Adventures of Spot' comic strip in our High Five magazine, March 2011, page 5 (about spring).
2. We read Zinnia's Flower Garden by Monica Wellington.
3. We read Spring is Here! A Story About Seeds by Joan Holub.
4. We read It's Spring! by Linda Glaser.
5. We read The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle.
6. We read Oh Say Can You Seed? All About Flowering Plants by Bonnie Worth.
7. We used our spring cookie cutters to complete the 'Sprout Shapes' project in our What Shall I Grow? Book, pages 6-7. 
8. We played with the 'Hooray for Spring!' and the 'Springtime Critters' worksheets (with reusable stickers) in her Sesame Street Super Sticker Book, pages 30-32.
Weather (Rain):
1. We read Yo Gabba Gabba! Spring Showers by Samantha Brooke.
2. We read Splish, Splash, Spring by Jan Carr.
3. We read The Rain Stomper by Addie Boswell.
4. We placed out and checked our rain gauge for an idea of how much rain we received since yesterday evening.
5. We played in the rain with our new galoshes and even did an umbrella dance.
6. We made a drip painting ('Pitter Patter Paint') using chips of dry water colors on paper and let the raindrops do the rest!
St. Patrick's Day:
1. We read Finn McCool and the Great Fish by Eve Bunting.
2. We made 'Shamrock Tortilla Cookies' like we made the heart cookies for Valentine’s Day.
3. We used leprechaun stickers and paper that looked like grass to make a leprechaun scene.
Opposites (review, Many/Few, More/Less):
1. We played with our opposites puzzle cards again for review.
2. We discussed Many/Few and More/Less, then we completed pages 19-21 in our Care Bears Thinking Skills workbook that required her to identify groups with many or few and more or less.
3. We completed pages 18-21 in our Before I Do Math workbook, that required her to identify groups with many or few and more or less.
Numbers (review):
1. We completed pages 16-17 in our Before I Do Math workbook, that required her to identify sets with the same number of objects.
2. We completed page 24 in our Before I Do Math workbook, that required her to match up sets with the same number of objects.

Check us out tomorrow when we make cherry blossom trees for Spring, and green coffee filter boutonnieres for St. Patrick's Day!  See you then! 

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