Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seedy Sock Walk

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY, everyone!  Thanks for spending a part of your day peering in on us!  We have been busy, as usual, with more Spring studies and plenty of crafts!  The day started with rainbow pancakes!  Take a look:

YUM!  Complete with a whipped cream cloud and chunks of pineapple 'gold!'
 (She was really excited about it.)
Our 'seedy' lunch ... all things that have/are seeds!
 Seeds make yummy things!
 We sorted some of our lunch seeds ... cucumber, apple, watermelon, tangerine, and plum seeds!
On our 'Seedy Sock Walk,' wearing a pair of Daddy's white socks over our shoes to catch seeds from the grass and flowers ...
 We found seeds!
 Some of the materials for our 'Green-haired Porcupine' ... an old sock (Maggie wanted my old Kermit sock), a mug, a spoon, grass seed, potting soil, a rubber band, a saucer, water, buttons for eyes and a nose, and straight pins.  (Ignore the thread in the picture.  At first, I thought I'd have to sew the buttons on, but then I realized that straight pins are required.)
 After wetting your sock, place it into the mug and fold the top of the sock over the rim.  Use a spoon to spread plenty of grass seed over the bottom of the sock.
 Add soil to the top of the seed until the mug is full.
 Wrap a rubber band tightly around the sock, then cut off the top.
 Pour water onto the top of the sock, then lift it up and let it drip.
 Turn it upside down and place on a saucer.  Pour a small amount of water onto the saucer, around your sock critter.  Carefully push your push pins through the holes of your buttons and into your sock to add features to your critter.
 Put your critter in a warm, sunny spot and make sure to keep the top of your sock wet.  In time, your critter will sprout hair/quills.  Here is Maggie, in the window with her many ongoing projects ... 'Little Fella,' our luna moth, our strawberry seeds, out 'Sprout Shapes,' and now, our 'Green-haired Porcupine.'  (I'm running out of room!  Alas, I think we are homeschoolers!)
 This is how your critters should look once they've sprouted!
Adding hair from her hairbrush to our yarn scraps and dryer lint for the birds' nests ...
 'This is a good spot.  The birds will like it here.'
 Our bird bag puppet!

Today, we:
1. We made the 'W' page of our letter book.
2. We practiced writing our name.
1. We read A Seed is Sleepy by Dianna Hutts Aston (a REALLY neat book).
2. We read Spring Thaw by Steven Schnur.
3. We read Turtle Spring by Deborah Turney Zagwyn.
4. We read The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds adapted by Patricia Relf.
5. We read Flower Garden by Eve Bunting.
6. We watched the Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! DVD that we borrowed from the library.
7. We did the 'Seedy Sock Walk' project in our Science Play book, page 70.
8. We listened to the Singing in the Rain CD that we borrowed from the library (with songs all about Spring).
9. We made a 'Green-haired Porcupine' as seen in our What Shall I Grow? book, pages 2-3.
10. We had a 'seedy' lunch!  We opened our fridge and pantry and found foods that have/are seeds.  We then cut them open, pulled out the seeds, and ate them.  We later sorted the seeds, making observations and discussing how they were different, cleaned them, and laid them out to dry for later.  (I think we might make a seed mosaic next week.)
St. Patrick's Day:
1. We had rainbow pancakes for breakfast, with pineapple chunks for 'gold' and whipped cream on the other side of our rainbow for clouds.  (I got this idea from, who makes really neat Bento meals for her kids.  I should warn you that her pancakes look WAY better than mine!)
1. We read The Birdman by Veronika Martenova Charles.  (This is an AWESOME book and I would highly recommend it!)
2. We made a bird puppet out of a Martha Stewart craft kit that I scored for only $2 at Big Lots!  (The kit came with five animal puppets in all, meaning each was only forty cents!  Stay tuned for the bunny puppet closer to Easter.)
3. We took the hair out of Maggie's hairbrush and put it outside for a bird to make a nest, along with some yarn scraps and some dryer lint.
1. We practiced writing numbers 1 and 2.

Tomorrow, we'll be making some tissue paper flowers and eating a 'Petal Power' snack!  Check back in with us!


  1. Thanks for the link... your pancakes look great and I love your presentation of them :) WOW what a busy day you had!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous day to me!!!! ;)

  3. Cookie Cutter, no problem! I just set us up on Facebook today! Are you on? :)

    tinymadman ... thank you. :)