Friday, March 11, 2011

Rainbow Toast and Handprint Leprechauns

Hi, readers!  Today, we wrapped up our study of the letters 'U' and 'V' and our curriculum on Cows (with a treat that we can thank Cows for!), and spent the afternoon at Paisley's house, so, overall, it was a good day.  We also did some more St. Patrick's Day projects, in time for our annual St. Patrick's Day dinner party on Sunday.  (We are really excited about it.)  Here are some photos from today:

The materials for the 'Rainbow Toast' we made for breakfast (bread, milk colored with food coloring, and Q-tips for decorating) ...
The artist at work ...
Ready for the broiler!
Our St. Patty's Day-inspired ice cream snack!
Ready to read and snack ...
At Paisley's house, ready to make our 'Handprint Leprechaun' ...
All done!
After our craft, we went out into Aunt Susie's garden to plant some vegetables for the Spring!
Carrying some veggies to the planting box ...
Making room for the plants ...
In they go ...
Getting help from Aunt Susie!  :)

Taking a bite of a dandelion ... they're edible!  (Soon, though, she was spitting it back out.) 
Gromit, Paisley's pooch.  :)
We met a garden resident!
Watering the veggies we planted ...
Playing with Baby Olivia ... :)
Once we got home, she was thrilled to see that I had laminated all of her letter pages so we could put together her alphabet book soon!

Today, we:
1. We spent the afternoon at Paisley's house, playing and having fun with Paisley's new puppy, Aunt Susie's garden, and our leprechaun craft.
Letters 'U' and 'V':
1. We practiced writing big 'U' and little 'u,' both on paper and in the sugar tray.
2. We practiced writing big 'V' and little 'v,' both on paper and in the sugar tray.
3. We read Play With "u" and "g" by Jane Belk Moncure.
4. We read Word Bird Makes Words with Duck: A Short "u" Adventure by Jane Belk Moncure.
1. We read Something to Tell the Grandcows by Eileen Spinelli.
2. We read Raising Cows on the Koebels' Farm by Alice K. Flanagan.
3. We read Thanks to Cows by Allan Fowler.
4. We read From Cow to Ice Cream by Bertram T. Knight.
5. We read Ice Cream by Elisha Cooper.
6. We ate some ice cream together!  (We also added green food coloring and green sugar sprinkles to make it festive for St. Patty’s Day.)
7. We read How Now, Brown Cow? By Alice Schertle (a book of poems).
St. Patrick's Day:
1. We made the 'Rainbow Toast' in our The Everything Toddlers Activities book, page 18, for breakfast.
2. We made the 'Handprint Leprechaun' as seen in the Oriental Trading Company catalog.

That wraps up our week!  We'll do a bit more catch-up over the weekend and start next week with the letter 'W' and a Spring curriculum!  See you then!

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