Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rainbow Hats and Cowbells

Today, we did lots of socializing, with Preschool Adventures at North Columbus Library in the morning, and a playdate with our buddy, Vivian, in the afternoon.  We managed to get some homeschooling done in the interim, with plenty of reading on cows, in preparation for our field trip tomorrow to The River Center to see Click, Clack, Moo!  Here are some photos from today:

Here's Maggie, working on her St. Patrick's Day rainbow hat.  (Coloring rainbows is a great activity for teaching them to color within the lines!)
So cute!
The materials for our 'Cow Door Hanger' ...
Adding the eyes to our cow ...
All done!
She was so proud to hang it on her door!
Green jell-o + green-colored cool whip = a delicious St. Patty's-themed snack!
Today, we:
1. We attended Preschool Adventures at North Columbus Library, where we studied dinosaurs (including thre reading of Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs by Byron Barton, Snappy Little Dinosaurs by Dugald Steer, and a board book called Smile-a-Saur, and a dinosaur mask craft).
2. We had a playdate with our buddy, Vivian.
Letters 'U' and 'V':
1. We found the 'U's in our letter magnets and spelled out words that start with 'U.'
2. We found the 'V's in our letter magnets and spelled out words that start with 'V.'
3. We read Uu by Mary Elizabeth Salzmann.
4. We read Uu by Kelly Doudna.
5. We read Vv by Kelly Doudna.
1. We read Metropolitan Cow by Tim Egan.
2. We read Clancy the Courageous Cow by Lachie Hume.
3. We read When Bluebell Sang by Lisa Campbell Ernst.
4. We read Clorinda Takes Flight by Robert Kinerk.
5. We read Daisy the Firecow by Viki Woodworth.
6. We read The Life Cycle of a Cow by Lisa Trumbauer.
7. We made a 'Cow Door Hanger,' with its own cowbell, and hung it on her door.
St. Patrick's Day:
1. We read A Fine St. Patrick's Day by Susan Wojciechowski.
2. We sang 'Where oh Where Has My Pot of Gold Gone?'
3. We made a St. Patrick's Day rainbow hat.
4. We ate green jell-o with cool whip, colored green.

After the play tomorrow, we will be doing some potato art, so check back with us!  :)

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