Monday, March 28, 2011

Ladybugs and Other Beetles

Hi, readers!  As I said last Friday, we will be in Atlanta this coming Friday, so our plan was to do a day of homeschooling this past weekend, hoping we don't get behind.  We did manage to get quite a bit done, but not as much as I would have liked.  (I'll blame it on the three-hour wait I spent in the lobby of the Toyota dealership, getting my tire repaired.)  Anyway, here is your interesting bug fact for the day and some photos of our work:

FACT:  A ladybug in the larva stage is actually bigger than it will be as an adult!

We woke Saturday morning and immediately checked our Bug Hotel to find plenty of guests!  :)
 Painting Magic Posters with Daddy ...
 Our cherry tomato (and olives, chives, and sour cream) ladybug!
 Maggie enjoyed him!  :)
 The materials for our 'Fingerprint Ladybug' ...
 Making spots ...
 Adding the spots to our pom-pom ladybug ...
 Time to play in our 'plot' of grass!
 The materials for our 'Button Buddies' ...
 He turned out so cute!  :)

The rundown:
Letter 'Z':
1. We looked at and discussed big letter 'Z' and little letter 'z' and words that start with 'Z': zebra, zoo, zigzag, zero, zipper, zucchini, Zoe, etc.
2. We read Zz by Kelly Doudna.
3. We read the 'What's for Dinner?' poem in High Five magazine, February 2011, pgs. 24-25 (about a zebra in a zoo, eating zinnias and zucchini stew).
Bugs/Ladybugs and Beetles:
1. We read Ladybug by Karen Hartley and Chris Macro.
2. We read Ladybug on the Move by Richard Fowler.
3. We read The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle.
4. We read Ladybug Life Cycle by Justin McCory Martin.
5. We read Beetles by Margaret Hall.
6. We made our pom-pom ladybug out of our Martha Stewart craft kit.
7. We put together three 3D puzzle beetle models with Daddy.
8. We painted two Magic Paint Posters, one with ladybugs, and the other of a Hercules beetle.
9. We made the fingerprint ladybugs as seen in the Oriental Trading Company catalog.  (Just for your information, I rarely buy anything out of Oriental Trading, because for one, usually their stuff is sold in bulk, and I don't need twelve of one project, and two, I can usually recreate it just by studying the photo.)
10. For lunch, we made the 'Bug Bites' as seen in one of my many magazine cut-outs, using cherry tomatoes, olives, and a cucumber.
11. We made the 'Button Buddies' (using buttons, google eyes, pipe cleaners, and beads) as seen at
12. We read Bugs: Poems About Creeping Things by David L. Harrison.
13. We read 'Anteater' and 'The Fly Is In,' both by Shel Silverstein, found in his A Light in the Attic, pages 61 and 100, respectively.  I will share one with you here:
     'A genuine anteater,'
     The pet man told my dad.
     Turned out, it was an aunt eater,
     And now my uncle's mad!
     (I just LOVE Shel Silverstein!)  :)
1. We read In the Garden: Who's Been Here? by Lindsay Barrett George.
2. We read 'Headache' and 'The Oak and the Rose,' both by Shel Silverstein, found in his A Light in the Attic, pages 115 and 165, respectively.
3. We read 'Gardener,' by Shel Silverstein, found in his Falling Up, page 68.
4. We played with our 'plot' of grass that we grew, putting our plastic bugs and animals in it.

So, wish we could have gotten more done, but at least Mags got lots of good time in with her Daddy.  Tomorrow, we have another Forest Friends class in the morning, and then we'll come home to study Bees!  See you then!

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