Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Feelin' Lucky!

Hi, Dad!  :)

It was so nice today, so we spent most of the day outside.  We hit Auburn in the morning to register Maggie for the Spring semester of Forest Friends, and she was so excited to be back and to play a bit in their new natural playground.  Afterwards, we came home to start our study of the letter 'T,' St. Patrick's Day, and cows, in time for a field trip next week to The River Center, to see the production of 'Click, Clack, Moo,' based on the book, Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type by Doreen Cronin.  We also did some more reading on birds and weather.  Here are some photos:

Playing in the 'eagle's nest' at the Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve in Auburn, where her Forest Friends classes are held ...
 Digging in the sand pit ...
 In the nature playground ...
 We hit Kroger before getting on the road for home, and she was thrilled to ride in the car cart!  (She honked the horn throughout the entire store, which was pretty cute except when we were walking behind the old man who wasn't moving too fast.)
 We decorated for St. Patrick's Day today!
 Her 'Feelin' Lucky' lunch ...
She requested lunch outside today ...
 Later, we found clover in the yard!
 Making cow prints ...

Today, we:
Letter 'T':
1. We looked at and discussed big letter 'T' and little letter 't' and words that start with 'T': turtle, tree, tiger, tennis, tongue, telephone, teddy bear, teeth, train, tea, talk, toothbrush, toothpaste, terrific, etc.
2. We read My 't' Sound Box by Jane Belk Moncure.
3. We read Tt by Kelly Doudna.
1. We read Disney's Let's Go! To the Dairy Farm.
2. We discussed how cows are female cattle, as bulls are males, and babies are called calves.  We also talked about how cows can provide milk, which is the source of products like cheese, butter, and yogurt, and the organ on a cow that holds her milk is called an udder or a bag.  (She identified and named the udder beforehand, because she remembered from our Farm study we did earlier this school year.)
3. We made cow prints using a cut sponge dipped into black paint, then pressed onto white sheets of paper.
St. Patrick's Day:
1. We read St. Patrick's Day by Carmen Bredeson.
2. We read Good Luck! A St. Patrick's Day Story by Joan Holub.
3. We read The St. Patrick's Day Shillelagh by Janet Nolan.
4. We ate a 'Feelin' Lucky' lunch, with green grapes, a sandwich cut into a shamrock, and juice drunk through a green shamrock straw, complete with a St. Patty's Day napkin!
5. We decorated the house for St Patrick's Day.
1. We read Bird Eggs by Helen Frost.
2. We read Baby Birds by Helen Frost.
3. We read Bird Families by Helen Frost.
1. We read Shine, Sun! by Carol Greene.
2. We read Hi, Clouds by Carol Greene.
3. We read Please, Wind? by Carol Greene.
4. We read Snow Joe by Carol Greene.

Check back with us tomorrow when we make a leprechaun mask and see what it's like to milk a 'cow.' 
And, on a former note, sadly, despite all of our efforts to maintain a warm water bath, our Triops never hatched.  Maybe next time ...

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