Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Buggin' Out!

Today was a lazy day, after our busy day yesterday and my lack of sleep the past few nights, but we still managed to get a couple of things in.  Here are today's fun bug facts that we learned that you might not know (I decided to add at least one to each post for every day we do our Bugs study):
1.  The only mosquitoes that bite are female!
2.  Daddy Longlegs are not spiders!
3.  Periodical Cicadas stay underground for seventeen years!
4.  Leafcutter ants don't actually eat leaves!  They take them down into their nests, chop them up, and instead eat the fungus that grows from the decay of those leaves!
5.  Pillbugs (often called 'roly polies') are not actually bugs.  They are crustaceans!
Here are some photos from today:

At the library, adding glitter to her beach picture (I think glitter is every three-year-old's favorite art supply!) ...
 Adding bug stickers to her grassy background ...
Our snack today ...
After she painted some more bugs Magic Posters, she took the two cups she was using (one was holding water, the other Q-tips) and enclosed one of her plastic bugs in it.  She will be quite thrilled with the insect viewer I surprise her with on Friday!
 The materials for our seed mosaic ...
 She loved dumping them into the plate and observing all of their differences ...
 We also decided to add snippets of our seed packets to the edges of our picture for a border ...
 Our seed mosaic!  :)

Today, we:
1. We attended Preschool Adventures at North Columbus Library where we studied the beach (including the reading of Beach Day! by Patricia Lakin and To the Beach by Linda Ashman).
Letters 'X' and 'Y':
1. We found the 'X's in our letter magnets and spelled out words that start with 'X.'
2. We found the 'Y's in our letter magnets and spelled out words that start with 'Y.'
1. We read A New Beginning: Celebrating the Spring Equinox by Wendy Pfeffer.
2. We read Winter's Child by Mary K. Whittington.
3. We read Rabbit's Good News by Ruth Lercher Bornstein.
4. We watched the Jump into Spring DVD that we borrowed from the library.
5. We made a seed mosaic.
6. We peered in on two live feeds of (1) a California hummingbird named Phoebe who feeds two babies in her nest, and (2) another California hummingbird named Emma still sitting on her eggs in her nest, waiting for them to hatch.  (Thank you, DeAnna!)  Here are the links:  (1) and (2)  Check them out!
1. We read The Great Bug Hunt by Bonnie Dobkin.
2. We read The Icky Bug Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta.
3. We read The Icky Bug Counting Book by Jerry Pallotta.
4. We read Icky Bug Shapes by Jerry Pallotta.
5. We read On Beyond Bugs! All About Insects by Tish Rabe.
6. We read A Fly Went By by Mike McClintock.
7. We read 'Curt,' a bug poem out of our High Five magazine, December 2010, pages 24-25.
8. We put her bug stickers on a grassy background (paper) to make a bug's world.
9  We painted the centipede and praying mantis Magic Paint Posters.
10. We ate some 'Bugs' fruit snacks (by Betty Crocker), where you put the gummy pieces together to make different bugs.

Check back in with us tomorrow when we put together some 3D bug models!

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