Monday, January 3, 2011

Some of Last Year's Projects

So, tomorrow, we restart our homeschooling curriculum after our break through the holidays, and we will be discussing winter and snow over the next two weeks.  That reminded me of some of the projects that we did together last year, also pertaining to winter and snow, prior to being "official homeschoolers."  If you want any instructions on the same, drop me a line! 

Here, we were dropping snowflakes confetti onto all of her plastic animals and trees to demonstrate how snow falls.
 The materials for our sock snowman ...
 Our sock snowman!
Our Snowflake Snack ... a tortilla, cut like a snowflake, with butter spread on it, and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar!  She loved it!
 Making winter placemants using sticky foam pieces ...
 Her buddy, Jayden, joined us, but was not keen on getting her picture taken!
 All done!
 Starting our Snowman Snack ...
 She was so proud of them!
With his fruit roll-up scarf ... :)
 And, making colorful snowflakes using coffee filters, markers, and water!
 Another Snowman Snack ... cream cheese spread on a graham cracker with raisins and carrot slivers.  Look for this one again this year ... it was a hit!

Those were just some extra ideas for this time of year!  I hope this year's projects will give you plenty of more to work with!  Thanks for checking in!

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