Thursday, January 27, 2011

'Luv Bugs' and T. Rex Tattoos

Happy Thursday!  We did some really fun activities today and afterwards, Maggie announced that she was a T. Rex that liked to eat plants.  I sighed at her with relief that I wasn't in danger until she informed that I was a big plant and proceeded to 'chomp' into my thigh.  Silly girl.  Some photos from today:

The letter 'R' page of her alphabet book ...
 We found a 'nest' of 'dinosaur eggs' in our mulch outside!  (Thank you, Susie, for the eggs!)
 Collecting the eggs ...
 We brought them inside to investigate further ...
 They had dinosaur sponge capsules in them!  (Maggie loves these, and needed no instruction on how to help them 'hatch!')
 Baby dinosaurs!
 Our Dinosaur Magic Paint Posters!  (I hadn't seen these since I was a kid!  I'm so glad they brought them back!)
 A masterpiece!
 Maggie and her T-Rex tattoo!  :)
 We colored little dinosaurs and cut out circles where their legs are supposed to be for finger insertion = animated legs!
 Working on our 'Luv Bug' ...
 We then made a Valentine for the birds!
 Cutting a heart out of a stale piece of bread ...
And spreading it with some peanut butter ... 
 Sprinkling on some seeds ...
 And now, hung with a pipe cleaner hanger, our Valentine is ready to find a tree to call home!
'Happy Valentine's Day, Birdies!'
 Checking on the our progress of our potatoes from our 'Clean Hands' science project that we did last week ...

 Completing our 'Healthy Food' worksheets ...
Today's rundown:
Letter 'R':
1. We made the 'R' page of our letter book.
Healthy Habits (Nutrition):
1. We completed several healthy food worksheets (with reusable stickers) that helped us review our food groups, colors, shapes, and numbers.
2. We checked on the progress of our potatoes from our 'Clean Hands' science project that we did last week.
1. We read Dino Boulder Ball by Jonathan Emmett.
2. We read Granddad's Dinosaur by Brough Girling.
3. We read If Dogs Were Dinosaurs by David M. Schwartz.
4. We read Harry and the Dinosaurs at the Museum by Ian Whybrow.
5. We read Sammy and the Dinosaurs by Ian Whybrow.
6. We read Hungry Dinosaur by Ziefert.
7. We read The Dinosaurs Meet Dr. Clock by Martha Weston.
8. We read When Dinosaurs Came With Everything by Elise Broach.
9. We read Shel Silverstein's 'Prehistoric' poem in his A Light in the Attic, pg. 79.
10. We watched our Sesame Street: Dinosaurs! DVD.
11. We painted a couple of her Magic Paint Posters Mighty! Dinosaurs pages and picked out a temporary dinosaur tattoo from the same to sport.
12. We 'found' some dinosaur eggs in the backyard and watched them 'hatch' into dinosaur sponges!
13. We colored a picture of a dinosaur, then used a penny to cut small circles at the legs for her fingers to fit through and act as legs.
Valentine's Day:
1. We read Minnie and Moo: Will You Be My Valentine? by Denys Cazet.
2. We read Lovable Lyle by Benard Waber.
3. We read Polly's Pink Pajamas by Vivian French.
4. We made a Valentine for the birds using a cookie cutter to cut a heart out of a stale piece of bread. We then spread it with peanut butter and birdseed before poking a pipe cleaner through the heart for hanging on a tree in our backyard.
5. We made a Valentine 'Luv Bug.'

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