Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day One Post-Break!

Hi again, faithful followers!  We are back, and thank goodness, because we were both getting very antsy to do so!  We restarted our curriculum today with the letter 'O,' study of the New Year and calendar, the four seasons, and winter and snow/ice.  Here are some photos before the rundown:

I added this first photo of our luna moth cocoon because last night, when Al and I were locking up for the evening, we heard this LOUD sccrrraaaattttccchhhhing coming from the jar.  After several minutes of debate about what else might have gotten into the jar with our moth, we determined that it was, indeed, the moth!  I couldn't believe how loud it was!  Worried that he'd emerge while we were sleeping with nowhere to hang from to dry his wings, we quickly found a stick to add to his jar and took this picture.  This morning, there was no change, so we will keep watching him more closely over the next few days.  I understand they emerge in the morning, and I do hope that's the case because I would hate for Maggie to miss it!
 Making our calendar for the month of January ...
 Our calendars, which we plan to tend to daily ...
 Doing some worksheets (with reusable stickers) on the four seasons ...
While listening to Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons - Spring', she started fluttering her fingers like birds' wings in rhythm to the music!  When we listened to 'Winter,' she was moving her fingers in a circle and I asked her what she was hearing, and she said, 'ice skating!'  Smart girl.  :)
 Picking out ice pieces for our ice experiment ...
 One cup of ice in the freezer ...
 ... and one in front of the heater vent!  She rightly predicted that the one in front of the heater vent would melt and become water.  I explained that this is what Spring's sun and longer days do to Winter's snow and ice.
Today, we:
Letter 'O':
1. We looked at and discussed big letter 'O' and little letter ‘o’ and words that start with 'O': orange (both the color and fruit), orangutan, olive, Oreos, oil, ostrich, octopus, etc.
2. We read My 'o' Book by Jane Belk Moncure.
3. We read Oo by Mary Elizabeth Salzmann.
4. We read On My Boat: The Sound of Long O by Robert B. Noyed and Cynthia Klingel.
5. We read Hot Pot: The Sound of Short O by Alice K. Flanagan.
New Year:
1. We discussed the New Year and what it means, then looked at a calendar and discussed the same.
2. We played with her felt calendar in her playroom.
3. We decorated our 'Make Your Own' calendar together, marking the important dates, like our upcoming trip to Disney World!  We plan to keep it in a place where she can refer to it daily, crossing off dates, and counting up to coming events.
4. We sang the 'Days of the Week' song, and counted on our fingers how many days in a week there are.
The Four Seasons/Winter:
1. We read The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons.
2. We read A Bunny For All Seasons by Janet Schulman.
3. We read the 'Sky Bear's Gift' story in High Five magazine, January 2011, pgs. 6-9 (about the change of seasons).
4. We read the 'Look at Those Trees' story in High Five magazine, October 2010, pgs. 24-25 (about how trees change through the seasons).
5. We completed the 'A Year of Fun!' and the 'The Four Seasons' Sesame Street worksheets with reusable stickers (about seasons).
6. We listened to Antonio Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' online and tried to guess which season we were listening to in the music.
7. We looked at pictures and guessed the season in each. Similarly, I called out words (i.e., 'barbecue') and had her guess the season to match the word.
5. We watched the Baby Einstein: Discovering the Seasons DVD that we borrowed from the library.
6. We watched the First Impressions: Seasons DVD that we borrowed from the library.
7. We performed an ice experiment by placing one ice cube in each of two small cups.  One cup was placed in the freezer and the other by a heat source (we chose in front of the heater vent in our living room). We checked the cubes periodically, and noted which was melting faster and why.  We discussed how this applied to the change of seasons, and how more sun in the Springtime helps melt Winter's snow and ice.
8. We sang the 'I'm a Little Ice Cube' song by Gayle Bittinger.
9. We role-played, and pretended she was an ice cube and I was the sun, and we observed her slowly 'melt' away.

Check back with us tomorrow!  We'll be working again after a trip to Preschool Adventures at North Columbus Library to see Ms. Kim and hear stories about the New Year!

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