Sunday, January 2, 2011

Break's Almost Over!

Less than two days to go before we resume our homeschooling curriculum full-time!  The break has been nice over the busy holidays, but we are both eager to jump back into the swing of things.  (I have to admit, being new at this homeschooling thing, I felt quite guilty taking this time off, though I am assured by other homeschooling moms that I won't feel that way about these much-needed breaks forever!) 

As for our Winter plans, we will be doing the following:

We will continue our letter studies, picking back up with the letter 'O,' as well as do some work with calendars (learning about days and dates), and seasons, particularly winter, since that's the season we are in now.  I am also starting a very lengthy series on Opposites, which will be very crucial in her understanding of mathematics and reading.  By 'lengthy,' I mean I have no idea when we'll finish up learning about them, I just know we will continue until she has a clear understanding of positional words, which will help her later in problem solving and reading comprehension.  We will start the Opposites series with the most basic, 'same' and 'different,' then steadily move on to more difficult concepts, like order and size comparison (a bit more in depth than we did during our short study of size prior).  I plan to make it fun, with lots of manipulatives (hands-on learning tools).  Additionally, I am going to start introducing number concepts.  We have mastered counting up to twenty, and she can recognize her numbers through the letter ten, but we will expand on that, as well as start working with sets of numbers to better understand quantity. 

I'm eager to start again, as is she.  Over the break, she has been doing lots of drawing, and has added several features to her faces, including ears and as you can see in the picture below, dimples, too!  (She informed me that the face to the left, with the dimples, is herself, and the face to the right is Daddy's!)  Funny girl.  :)

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