Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Countdown

We're getting really excited about Christmas nearing ... just three weeks to go now!  We've spent the last two days working on our Music study, as well as doing lots of Christmas reading, and enjoying some Christmas fun!  Here are some photos:

Maggie's first s'more!
 Enjoy these messy photos ... :)
 Coloring some Christmas coloring pages ...
 At Daddy's work, awaiting the lighting of the River Walk and the fireworks display ...
 Watching the fireworks with Daddy ... :)
Completing a music worksheet, with reusable stickers ...
 At The River Center, awaiting the brass concert we attended today ...
 The French horns playing carols for us ...
 Our bean sprout!
 And our amaryllis ... when will this thing finally bloom???
 (Maggie wanted me to take photos of the workbook I gave her!)  :)

We have been:
Letter 'N':
1.  We made the 'N' page of our letter book.
2.  We practiced writing big letter 'N' and little letter 'n,' both on paper, and in the sugar tray.
Music (General/World):
1.  We watched the Baby Einstein: World Music DVD that we borrowed from the library.
2.  We listened to music from around the world online and discussed the same, including the following songs on our Sounds CD: 'Mideastern Music' (#57) and 'Far East Sitar Music' (#59).
3.  We completed a worksheet, identifying different musical instruments, with reusable stickers.
4.  We attended CSU's Holiday Lobby Concert at The River Center, where we listened to a trombone and French horn choir play holiday music.
5.  We colored and discussed her Sesame Street: Music All Day sticker book with pull-out poster.
1.  We read Who's That Knocking on Christmas Eve? by Jan Brett.
2.  We read Santa Mouse, Where Are You? by Michael Brown.
3.  We read Tacky's Christmas by Helen Lester, then listened to the bonus CD that came with the book, Tacky's Carols.
4.  We watched the Sesame Street: Elmo's Christmas Countdown DVD that we borrowed from the library.
5.  We listened to A Sesame Street Christmas CD that we borrowed from the library.
6.  We read Under the Star: A Christmas Counting Story by Jane Yolen.
7.  We read Santa's New Suit by Laura Rader.
8.  We read The Christmas Blizzard by Helen Ketteman.
9.  We read Grandfather's Christmas Camp by Marc McCutcheon.
10.  We read Christmas Cookies: Bite-Size Holiday Lessons by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.
11.  We colored three Christmas coloring pages.
12.  We read Merry Christmas, Geraldine by Holly Keller.
13.  We read Olivia Claus by Kama Einhorn.
14.  We attended the Night of Lights on the River Walk, to see the lighting of the walk, as well as the fireworks display, with Daddy.
15.  We read I Want a Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown by Charles M. Schulz.
16.  We read Henry Bear's Christmas by David McPhail.
17.  We read Mickey Mouse Flies the Christmas Mail by Annie North Bedford.  (This was her Advent calendar surprise today!)
18.  We watched the Veggie Tales: Christmas Sing-Along Songs DVD that we borrowed from the library.
19.  We read Jan Brett's Snowy Treasury (4 of her winter tales).

Check back with us after the weekend, because we should have lots of new pictures after we decorate Christmas cookies and go to Callaway Garden's Fantasy in Lights!

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