Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We're back!

I know you've been wondering where we've been.  We did a lot of weekend work that stretched from Friday through yesterday, so here it all is, a few days after my last full post.  We finished up our study of the letter 'L,' and our 'Our Bodies' curriculum, focusing on the last two of our five senses, tasting and touching, with some park projects taken on by Daddy!  Here are some photos:

As of Friday, the beans that we germinated were showing off their primary roots!  (We'll be doing a lot more projects with them today, as they have all taken off since Friday!)
 Getting ready to make her Texture Collage ...
 Maggie's Texture Collage!
 One of the sensory projects I did with her was to take a sock and place in items that she had to use her fingers to try to guess the identity of.  She did quite well, correctly identifying a crayon, candle, block, beads, and a few others.
 Our next sensory project -- finger painting with shaving cream!
 This project was a hit!  She loved how it felt between her fingers!
 We then moved on to some sand play!
 The sensory projects that we did yesterday involved Daddy -- this one required a trip to the park to find items of different textures!
 Looking ...
A find!
 So cute!  (We left him there rather than placing him in our egg carton to bring home, but he would fall under the categories 'bumpy' and 'sticky!')
 Maggie has learned that looking under heavy things is always the best way to find interesting things at the park!
 Some spectators of our madness!
 'How does this feel?'
My wonderful girl! 
 We also did texture rubbings with paper and crayons ...
 Analyzing our finds at home ...
 Project complete!

Over the weekend, we did:
Letter 'L':
1. We practiced writing big letter 'L' and little letter 'l,' both on paper, and in the sugar tray.
Our Bodies/Five Senses/Tasting and Touching:
1. We read My Hands by Lloyd G. Douglas.
2. We read Skin by Casey Lasko.
3. We read Tasting by Henry Pluckrose.
4. We read My Mouth by Lloyd G. Douglas.
5. We created a texture collage with a variety of different materials (foil, lace, paper, cotton balls, sandpaper, string, ribbon, feathers, etc.)
6. We fingerpainted with shaving cream (with a few drops of paint mixed in to add color).
7. We placed items in a small sock (a block, candle, crayon, etc.) and tried to guess what each item was.
8. We enjoyed some sand play.
9. We brought paper and crayons on a nature walk and made rubbings of surfaces with interesting textures.
10. We labeled each cup of an egg carton with a descriptive word, such as 'hard,' 'smooth,' or 'rough,' then went to the park to find things that fit those descriptions.

That about wrapped up our 'Our Bodies' curriculum for now.  (We will do a study later this year on nutrition and staying well.)  This week, because it is Thanksgiving week, we'll be taking it a little slow with the letter 'M,' a music study, and some additional Thanksgiving crafts before we go pick out our Christmas tree this Friday!  I can't wait!

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