Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh, so corny!

So, I bet you can't guess from the title of this post which harvest item we studied today!  CORN!!!  We also attended The Columbus Museum's Toddler Time, where we read a story and made a craft -- a tambourine!  Here are some photos from today:

Coloring her tambourine at the Museum ...
 The finished product!
 Playing at the light table ...
 Our amaryllis plant that we planted last week is starting to grow!
 Munching on popcorn while we read the books about corn that we borrowed from the library!
 And, of course, we HAD to make cornbread!
 Ready for some crafts ...
 I learned that weaving is a bit tough for her still at this age, so she just watched the pattern and picked the next color in the pattern for Mom to weave!
 Waiting for them to dry ...
 All done!  We hung them from doorknobs around the house as decoration!
 The next project we did was easier for her.  We rolled squares of tissue paper into little balls as corn kernels, then added them to yellow paper to make a corn cob.
 Drying ...
 All dry!  Maggie wanted this one on the doorknob of her room!  :)
 Then, we started to remove the corn kernels for yet another project.
 Place cards for our Thanksgiving table!
 And, of course, napkin rings, too, using cuts from an empty paper towel tube!
 My sad, sad attempt at a corn husk doll for Maggie.  Poor thing, she's so ugly!  :)
 Maggie liked her, though!  :)
Today, we:
1. We attended Toddler Time at The Columbus Museum where we listened to a story in The History Gallery and made a tambourine in The Art Studio.  We then played in the Transformations room.
Letter 'K':
1. We discussed and looked at big letter 'K' and little letter 'k' and words that start with 'K': kangaroo, kitten, kite, kiwi, kilt, knife, knowledge, knock, kimono, katydid, kitchen, etc.
2. We read Kk by Kelly Doudna.
3. We read My 'k' Sound Box by Jane Belk Moncure.
Corn (Harvest/Thanksgiving):
1. We read Corn Aplenty by Dana Meachen Rau.
2. We read Corn by Gail Gibbons.
3. We read Corn is Maize: The Gift of the Indians by Aliki.
4. We discussed all the useful things that we get from corn, including popcorn, which we snacked on while we read!
5. We read The Little Engine That Could Saves the Thanksgiving Day Parade! by Watty Piper.
6. We read The Thanksgiving Monster by Alison Inches.
7. We made cornbread!
8. We made weaved paper corn cobs for decoration.
9. We made paper Indian corn using tissue paper, rolled into balls as the 'kernels.'
10. We made 'Corny Napkin Holders' and 'Corny Place Cards' for our Thanksgiving table.
11. We listened (and danced with today's tambourine) to the 'Popcorn' song on the Barenaked Ladies' Snack Time album (#10). 
12. We made a corn husk doll.
Our Bodies:
1. We read Inside Your Outside! All About the Human Body by Tish Rabe and discussed the same.
2. We read Parts by Tedd Arnold.
3. We read More Parts by Tedd Arnold.
4. We read Even More Parts by Tedd Arnold.
5. We watched The Magic School Bus: Human Body DVD that we borrowed from Netflix.

Check back in with us tomorrow when we delve into Native American music!  Thanks so much for reading!

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