Monday, November 15, 2010

"Little Fella"

Well, we had a great weekend, and Maggie dubbed our new house guest (the luna moth caterpillar I spoke of in my last post), 'Little Fella.'  He has now completely cocooned himself in our grape juice jug (Al says he resembles a Brazil nut!), and the wait begins to see when he'll emerge! 

Over the weekend, we finished up last week's curriculum (including the letter 'K'), and will continue our Harvest studies and our 'Our Bodies' study this week.  Here are some photos to catch you up:

 Maggie and Daddy, making Pilgrim hats!
 After she saw herself in her Pilgrim hat in the mirror, she immediately started 'making the Thanksgiving meal!'
 Our cardboard tube Pilgrim mother.
 Maggie, taking a break in her 'coffee table cave,' which she's been making daily since learning about hibernating bears!
 Our Pilgrim family!
 Making our Sioux Indian Pudding ...
 Two hours later, it was set and ready to eat!
 Mags loved it!  :)
Our weekend work consisted of:
Letter 'K':
1. We practiced writing big letter 'K' and little letter 'k,' both on paper, and in the sugar tray.
Thanksgiving/Harvest/Pilgrims/Native Americans:
1. We read Thanksgiving With Me by Margaret Willey.
2. We read Fluffy’s Thanksgiving by Kate McMullan.
3. We read In November by Cynthia Rylant.
4. We watched our A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving DVD, with The Mayflower Voyagers special.
5. We made and ate Sioux Indian Pudding, from a recipe that's hundreds of years old!
6. We made Pilgrim hats with construction paper and cardboard.
7. We made a pilgrim family using cardboard paper towel tubes and construction paper.
Our Bodies (Nutrition and Exercise):
1. We watched the Baby's First Impression: Head to Toe DVD that we borrowed from Netflix.
2. We watched the Human Body for Children: All About Nutrition and Exercise DVD that we borrowed from the library.
3. We watched the 'I Want Cake' episode on our Sid the Science Kid: Feeling Good Inside and Out DVD.
4. We watched Sesame Street clips online, including the 'Food Equals Energy' clip and the 'Cookie is a Sometime Food' clip.
5. We discussed the importance of good nutrition and exercise, as well as the concept of balance between the two.

(We will delve into a two-week nutrition curriculum in the Spring, but until then, this was a brief introduction during our 'Our Bodies' study.)  Tomorrow, we will learn about sleep and why our bodies need it, as well as study beans as part of our Harvest series.  (We will be using beans in mathematics, using them in a 'Bean Germination' science experiment, and using them as the base of a soup for dinner!)  Check us out!

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