Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pythons and Pumpkins

So, yesterday was our big field trip to The Montgomery Zoo (after a two-week curriculum on zoo animals), as well as the pumpkin patch to pick out our Halloween pumpkins.  What a great day!  We were thrilled that the patch was a real pumpkin patch, where we got to cut our pumpkins off the vine and everything!  Enjoy the photos.  There are a lot, but believe it or not, I omitted many!

We made it!
 Turtle crossing!  This was so neat!  We observed them moving from one pond to another!
 They made it, but it was a real slide down!  The one at the back is pushing the other.  Poor things!
 Al and I joked that the flamingo at the right is clearly the smartest flamingo in the world ... or the laziest!
 Maggie was so excited to see Verdi!
 Enjoying the sun ...
 She got to feed this giraffe from her hand, which she loved!
 With our train tickets, waiting to board ...
 All aboard!
 Giving Dad a hug ...
 Conductor Maggie!
 These sunning frogs were really funny to watch! 
 Stopping for a picnic lunch ...
 And then, of course, trying out the new playground!  This picture cracks me up because you see Maggie walking and her grown father running!
 So happy!
 Maggie the Spider!
This rhino wishes he was a hippo ...
 We watched this lizard grab some lunch at the trashcan!
 Maggie was so pleased to see a Daddy and baby elephant palling around, like Daddy and Maggie!

After we left the zoo, the two passengers caught a nap while Mom drove to the next stop, the pumpkin patch!

 At the pumpkin patch, on the search for her pumpkins ...
This picture below is probably my favorite picture from the whole day!

 Got a good one!
 This little chihuahua puppy kept chasing Maggie, much to Maggie's delight!
 The owner told Maggie she could pick out a sunflower to take home, too!
 Our picks!

What a great day it was!  Thanks for letting me share!

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