Thursday, October 21, 2010

Handprint Art Day

Hello, visitors!  We are again a day behind, but with good reason.  Instead of homeschooling yesterday, after Preschool Adventures at the library, Maggie went to see her Daddy in a culinary competition!  She had a lot of fun and was very pleased with all the vendors serving snacks, especially the Otis Spunkmeyer vendor!  Here is a photo from yesterday:

As for today, we have continued our study of the letter 'H,' along with zoo birds (ostriches, peacocks, flamingos, etc.), size, and Halloween.  We used our handprints for lots of our crafts, and did quite a bit of video watching, but there were such good options to choose from yesterday during our library visit.  Here are some of today's photos:

Our handprint peacock ...
 A Pooh size worksheet ...
 Studying shapes and size ...
Our 'Animal Lineup' game that requires her to put zoo animal cards in order of size ...

Our 'Howl'oween bat and owl, with a candy corn beak and fangs.
Our handprint bat ...

In detail, today we:
Letter 'H':
1.  We found the 'H's in our letter magnets and spelled out words that start with 'H.'
Zoo/Zoo Animals (Zoo Birds -- Ostriches, Peacocks, Flamingos, etc.):
1.  We discussed the differences we observe in birds at the zoo versus other animals at the zoo.
2.  We read Birthday Zoo by Deborah Lee Rose.
3.  We read If Anything Ever Goes Wrong at the Zoo by Mary Jean Hendrick.
4.  We colored a peacock coloring sheet.
5.  We made a peacock using different colored paper handprints.
6.  We watched the 64 Zoo Lane DVD that we borrowed from Netflix.
1.  We completed several worksheets involving size, including the Pooh's 'Smallest to Largest' worksheet.
2.  We played a game with picture cards called 'Animal Lineup' that required us to put zoo animals in order of size.
1.  We read A Very Brave Witch by Alison McGhee.
2.  We read The Spooky Halloween Party by Annabelle Prager.
3.  We read Down Buttermilk Lane by Barbara Mitchell and John Sandford.
4.  We watched our Mickey’s House of Mouse Villains DVD.
5.  We read Happy Haunting, Amelia Bedelia by Herman Parish.
6.  We read Garfield’s Scary Surprises by Jim Davis and Mark Acey.
7.  We read The Witch Who Was Afraid of Witches by Alice Low.
8.  We watched our Clifford's Big Halloween DVD.
9.  We made a 'Howl'oween owl and bat using candy corn for the beak and fangs.
10.  We watched the Mickey's Treat DVD that we borrowed from the library.
11.  We listened to our Wee Sing for Halloween CD while we worked on projects.
12.  We made a bat craft using her handprints for the bat's wings.
13.  We ate candy corn!
14.  And, while mom cooks dinner tonight, Mags will be watching the Elmo Says Boo! DVD that we borrowed from the library.

Tomorrow, we'll study sea mammals in time for our field trip to the zoo on Monday!  Check back in with us!

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