Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Temporary Schedule Change

So, you may have noticed that I didn't post anything yesterday.  We (Al and I) have decided to temporarily switch our Monday schooling (unless we have a field trip planned) to Wednesday (our mid-week break) so that we can work on getting our house ready to put on the market on the day he is off.  So, until the house is ready, we will school Tuesday through Friday, with Saturday through Monday being Al's and my house prep days. 

Today was our first day of the Fall session of Forest Friends in Auburn and, of course, Maggie loved every minute of it.  We studied Animal Homes and made little nests from things we found in nature, then added little candy eggs.  (She is so proud of her nest!)  Here are some photos:
Coloring a picture before our lesson ...

Feeding a soft-shelled turtle ...

Checking out a hummingbird's nest ...

... and another bird's nest in a log.

Mags' nest.

After lunch out, we came home and did a short homeschooling day, mostly learning about pigs in the continuation of our farm study. 

Coloring a pig for our bag puppet craft ...

Then, we made a pig out of pom-poms and felt pieces ...

Our rundown for the day:
Letter D:
1.  After, practicing writing big letter 'C' and little 'c' (we were supposed to originally do this yesterday), we discussed and looked at big letter 'D' and little letter 'd' and words that start with 'D': dog, duck, Daddy, doctor, dates, dice, drink, dreams, etc.
1.  We watched the ‘Pigs’ clip on Benjamin’s Farm DVD that we borrowed from the library.
2.  We did the pig paper bag and pom-pom crafts.
3.  We listened to 'Dickery, Dickery, Dare' on her Fiddle-Dee-Dee CD (a song about a pig).
4.  We listened to 'This Little Piggy Played the Fiddle' on her Fiddle-Dee-Dee CD.
5.  We listened to pigs grunting, rooting, and squealing on her Sound of Animals, General, & Background Music CD.
6.  We read the 'Pigs' poem.

Tomorrow, we'll be focusing on cows and horses!  Check us out!

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