Thursday, September 16, 2010

The show must go on!

We continued our circus curriculum today, along with our farm study and the letter 'C.'  We had a lot of fun crafting.  Some photos:
Here, she's playing with her farm stickers on a barnyard scene.

Farm Grow Capsules ... she loves these things!

Coloring a little wooden barn that will be 3D once we add all the pieces together ...

Eating her circus balloon snack ...

And then later, some Cracker Jacks while we listened to circus music ...

Working on our clown costumes ...

And introducing ...Clown Maggie!

She had a blast!  Here's all that we did today:
Letter 'C':
1.  We played with our alphabet magnets and found the 'C' in the bunch, then spelled out words that start with 'C.'  She picked 'cat,' 'cow,' and 'clown!'  (I'm thrilled that she's listening!)
1.  We read On the Farm by Victoria Taylor.
2.  We read Barnyard Banter by Denise Fleming.
3.  We read Let’s Visit Farmer Jed by Carol Monica and completed the sticker activities that come with it.
4.  We watch Barney’s Let’s Go to the Farm DVD that we borrowed from the library.
5.  We played with our farm animal Magic Grow Capsules and identified each animal that 'hatched.'
6.  We listened to “Bought Me a Cat” on her Wee Sing Fun ‘n’ Folk CD (a song about different farm animal sounds).
7.  We colored our 3D wooden barn with animals and then set it up.
1.  We read Circus Parade by Harriet Ziefert.
2.  We watched Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: A Day at the Circus DVD that we borrowed from the library.  (Yes, Dad, I exposed her to 'Mr. Yuck' ... and she LOVED it!!)
3.  We ate Cracker Jacks and circus balloons (Ritz crackers with spray cheese strings) for snack.
4.  We made clown hats and big bow ties for dress-up as clowns, then played with our hula hoop and danced to The Grand Old Circus Band CD that we borrowed from the library (authentic circus music).

Tomorrow, Maggie's friend, Jayden, is supposed to visit, and we hope to include her in one of our farm crafts.  See you then!

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