Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Robot's got tools!"

Hi, everyone!  Today was full.  We went to the Columbus Library's Toddler Time and had a lesson on counting and numbers (which she talked about long after), then went to the teacher store and got a bunch of things laminated (21 feet worth!) for half off (which I talked about long after) before coming home and starting our schooling.  Today we continued with our study of the letter 'B,' then talked about construction workers and plumbers and how they help in the community, and started our color experiments, which should take up the next three school days.  Here are some photos:
Here, we are playing with a construction site scene with resuseable stickers.
Then, we played with some new construction tools, to which she proudly announced, 'Robot's got tools!'
After some exploration of the tools, we set to constructing our own 'building,' with popsicle sticks as our 'beams,' and play-dough as our 'cement.'  Of course, 'Robot' used her new tools in the construction, too.

Working on a puzzle and some color sorting worksheets:

Then, our first color experiment -- mixing colors to make NEW colors!
Our color reference card:
Here's today's rundown:
Letter B:
1.  We played with our alphabet magnets, and she picked the letter 'B' out of the bunch, then we spelled out words that start with 'B.'
Community Helpers (Construction Workers/Plumbers):
1.  We read pages 9-14 and 46-53 of Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day? to learn about the roles of construction workers and plumbers.
2.  We read At the Construction Site by Elizabeth Sirimarco.
3.  We read Construction Zone by Cheryl Willis Hudson.
4.  We read Hard Hat Area by Susan L. Roth.
5.  We played with her construction site scene with reuseable stickers, and discussed all the equipment involved in construction.
6.  She played with her new construction tools, including tape measure, wrench, adjustable wrench, level, and hack saw.
7.  We constructed our own 'structure' using crafts sticks ('beams') and play-dough ('cement').
8.  We colored a picture of a construction worker and mounted it on a stick to use as a puppet in our end-of-the-week community helpers puppet show.
Colors and Color Experiments:
1.  We read Elmo's Guessing Game About Colors (a Sesame Street board book).
2.  We read The Mixed-Up Chameleon by Eric Carle.
3.  We read Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.
4.  We read Color Dance by Ann Jonas.
5.  We read Hello, Red Fox by Eric Carle.
6.  We read Harold's ABC (the sequel to Harold and the Purple Crayon) by Crockett Johnson.
7.  We put together our Crayola Curious Color puzzle and identified all the colors in it.
8.  We did some color sorting worksheets with stickers and three color matching worksheets that asked her to 'draw a line' from one object to another of matching color.  (She knows her colors and did well with her lines!)
9.  We did our first color experiment of the week -- combining the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) to make secondary colors (orange, green, purple).  We then wrote our results on a color chart. 
10.  We listened to the 'Jennie Jenkins' song (a song about colors) on her Wee Sing CD.

And that about wraps it up!  She's now watching Robots as I write this, so needless to say, she's quite content.  Tomorrow, we will continue our color experiments, do our 'B' page in our letter book, and learn about bus drivers (with a special craft!) and garbage collectors.  See you then!

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