Friday, September 3, 2010

First Friday

Day three went well, after we got home from the pediatrician's office, which felt like a whole day in itself.  We were both exhausted from the appointment, but luckily, our curriculum for the day was light and easy.  I hope my exhaustion isn't too evident in this post. 

Today, our colors were blue and purple, and she begged to open her color bags first, so that has proven to be a success.  I worry that she will be disappointed when the color bags run out!

After color bags, we continued with our letter 'A' study and cut pictures from magazines that started with the letter 'A' in order to complete our first page of our alphabet book.  (The exciting thing about this is that today is the first day she used the scissors with only one hand!)  After we found our pictures, we pasted them onto a page with our big letter 'A' and little letter 'a.'  Each week, we'll add a new letter to our book until we've completed all 26 and then the book will be laminated, bound, and given to her for review.

She was so proud!

We had lunch soon after our cutting exercise and she was thrilled with her 'A Lunch,' a sandwich cut into the shape of an 'A,' apples, and almonds. 

'A' is appetizing!

After lunch, we read some materials for our subjects of the day, including Harold and the Purple Crayon (Thank you, Uncle Steven and Aunt Mary Lee!), and then made our own imaginative pictures with our own purple crayon ... a robot, of course, holding a wipe, with the sun scorching his eyes, and a baby robot nearby.  (Oh, the imagination of babes!)

Here is our rundown for the day:
Letter A:
1.  We started our alphabet book, basically one page dedicated to each letter, with that letter in capital and lowercase in the center, surrounded by pictures of words that start with that letter, which we find together.
1.  We sorted through our blue and purple color bags.
2.  We read Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson and then used our own purple crayons to draw, using our imagination as Harold did.
3.  We wore blue today!
4.  We completed two worksheets that required us to "circle the objects that are blue/purple."
5.  We read Cleo's Color Book by Caroline Mockford.
6.  We read Kitten Red Yellow Blue by Peter Catanlanotto (a GREAT resource, as it covers all of the colors AND the community helpers we've been discussing).
Community Helpers:
1.  We discussed how the doctor is a community helper when we were at the pediatrician's office this morning, though I think she begged to differ!  :)
2.  We read Teachers Help Us Learn by Carol Greene and discussed the roles of teachers in our community.
3.  We read A Day in the Life of a Teacher by Heather Adamson.
4.  We read Sesame Street's The Library (a paperback book) and discussed the roles of librarians in our community.
5.  We colored and constructed our teacher puppet to join our other community helpers in our end-of-the-lesson puppet show next week.
6.  We sang Sesame Street's "The People in Your Neighborhood" song again with the teacher stanza added.

So, that wrapped up our day!  Al came home early today, so he and Maggie are out together now.  Monday will be the first day he homeschools with us and I saved green (meaning a reading of Green Eggs and Ham and the same for dinner) and our doctor study (AKA: Doctor Maggie bandaging Daddy) for when he's home to enjoy it.  Until then, have a great weekend, everybody.  Happy Labor Day!

Rachel  :)

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