Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fire Robot

Today was a lot of fun and because I spaced out our activities more, she isn't so frustrated at me that the day is over ... yet.  Here are some photos:
Here she is, opening her color bags for today, orange and yellow.
It wasn't long before she ripped into her orange snack and asked to start reading books.

She got some magnetic letters today and we searched for our letter of the week (A) and spelled out the words that she chose that start with 'A.'  She chose 'APPLE,' 'ANT,' and, of course, 'AL,' for Daddy.  :)

After we read some books on firefighting and watched a couple of videos, we made fire scenes with reuseable stickers.

We then hit Firehouse Subs for some lunch.  While there, she observed the axes and hats on the wall.

Then, came our most fun activity of the day ... putting on our fire hat, drawing flames with chalk on the pavement outside, and dousing them out with the water hose.  She took great pride in this, and when I asked her if she was a firewoman, she immediately corrected me with a, "No ... a fire ROBOT!"  (Oh, excuse me.)

She kept yelling, "Bye-bye, flames!"  So cute.

Our fridge is getting full:

Our rundown of the day:
Letter A:
1.  We played with our new alphabet magnets and spelled out words that start with 'A' on the refrigerator.
Orange and Yellow:
1.  We sorted through our orange and yellow color bags and pointed out other things that are orange and yellow, like fire.
2.  We wore orange today!
3.  We colored pictures of bees and a carrot.
4.  We did two worksheets that required us to 'Circle the objects that are orange/yellow.'
Community Helpers/Firefighters:
1.  We read pages 19-24 of Richard Scarry's What do People do All Day? and discussed the roles of firefighters.
2.  We read Curious George and the Firefighters by Margret & H. A. Rey.
3.  We read Curious George at the Fire Station by Margret & H. A. Rey.
4.  We read Firehouse! by Mark Teague.
5.  We read A Day in the Life of a Firefighter by Linda Hayward.
6.  We read Fire Fighters by Dee Ready.
7.  We read Ms. Murphy Fights Fires by Alice K. Flanagan.
8.  We read Disney's "Let's Go to the Fire Station" story in our Disney paperback book.
9.  We read Fire Truck by Peter Sis.
10.  We watched the "Where There's Smokey" clip on the Little People's DVD where the main character was named Maggie!
11.  We watched the Adventures of Fire Fighting DVD that we borrowed from the library.
12.  We played with reuseable fire stickers on neighborhood scenes.
13.  We colored a picture of a firefighter and mounted him on a popsicle stick to make a puppet for our neighborhood helpers play next week.
14.  We sang Sesame Street's "The People in Your Neighborhood" song with the fireman lyrics added to our postman lyrics.
15.  We ate at Firehouse Subs for lunch and observed the fire hats and axes on the walls.
16.  We donned our fire hats, drew flames in the driveway with chalk, and hosed down the "flames" with the water hose (role play). 

Can't wait for tomorrow!  We're starting our letter book, learning about blue and purple, and reading about the roles of teachers and librarians!  Stay tuned! 

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