Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 7

Today was a fun day.  Maggie is thrilled with homeschooling and can't wait to start each morning.  I have one rule, though, before we start:  we MUST both get ready and dressed, with teeth brushed and face washed, just as if she were going to school each morning.  Here are some photos of today's activities:

Here, we're working on our 'B' page to put in our letter book.

Today, the community helpers that we learned about were bus drivers and garbage collectors.
Here, we're constructing a bus out of an egg carton (so she can add 'people' on the inside later).
All done!  She picked the order of the photos.  Of course, she wanted to drive. 
(Sorry, Steve, but you got the rear!)

Here, we made rainbows after taping all of the crayons together.

On to our next project ... fruit cereal rainbows!  First, we sorted the colors into their own cups:
Then, we added the cereal to our sky paper to make a rainbow:
Then, of course, we snacked!  :)

Then, our most fun project of the day ... experimenting with color!  We started out with a flashlight against the wall, using colored cellophane sheets to watch the light on the wall change color. 
Then, we mixed the colors to see new colors.
Then, we made color discs to use in the window.
Then, we laid the color discs on top of one another to watch new colors appear! 
For example ...

We had a lot of fun with this activity.

And the rundown:
Letter 'B':
1.  We made the 'B' page of our letter book, discussing many words that start with 'B.'
Community Workers (Bus Drivers/Garbage Collectors):
1.  We discussed the roles of bus drivers and garbage collectors in our neighborhood, then got in the car and found examples of both, and watched them do their work.
2.  We sang Sesame Street's "The People in Your Neighborhood" song with the bus driver and trash collector lyrics added.  (This completed the song, so we can now sing it in its entirety and she is familiar with each worker mentioned.)
3.  We read Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems.
4.  We watched "The Junk's Not Trash" clip on her Little People's DVD.
5.  We colored a picture of a garbage collector, then mounted him on a popsicle stick to use as a puppet in our community workers puppet show we're going to have on Monday.
6.  We listened to and sang "Wheels on the Bus."
7.  We made a bus out of an egg carton, then added photos of people we love in the windows as the passengers.
8.  We read "Mail for Mia" in her new High Five magazine (Thanks, Mom!), about a girl who writes a letter to her grandmother then waits for the mailman to deliver it (a review of postal workers).  We then wrote a letter to our Grandma, addressed the envelope, stamped it, and put it in the mailbox for our postperson to deliver.
Color Experiments:
1.  We read If You Take a Paintbrush:  A Book of Colors by Fulvio Testa.
2.  We read Colors Everywhere by Tana Hoban.
3.  We discussed how many colors there are to see in rainbows, then drew our own rainbows, taping all of those color crayons together.
4.  We made fruit cereal rainbows on a sky background.
5.  We did a color science experiment using a flashlight and different colors of cellophane (the primary colors), watching what happened when the colors were mixed against the light.
6.  We made color discs for her to keep so that she can see the colors against the light and mix them to make new colors.

TGIF!  We have a few things planned this weekend when Daddy's home, and then he will be home again on Monday to resume the school week with us.  Monday is our last day to study the letter 'B,' colors, and community workers.  Since Daddy is a chef, we are saving that as our last community helper, with a special field trip to Daddy's restaurant to cook (after we make our apron at home first, of course)!  Then, next week, we start all new subjects, along with the letter 'C.'  'C' you later! 

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