Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Friday down ...

Today ended our Circus curriculum (tomorrow we go with Daddy!) and we continued our Farm study and the letter 'C.'  We enjoyed some of our activities with Maggie's buddy, Jayden!
Here they are, painting with corn cobs after reading a book about crops on a farm.
Maggie's Corn Cob Painting:

Later, Maggie perused the fridge for items that originate on a farm.  Here, she's pointing to the cheese, "Cows' milk makes cheese."

Making her 'C' page for her letter book ...

Watching Dumbo (after reading it) and eating a popcorn snack out of a paper cone.

Working on her tiger and elephant bag puppets ...
The finished products ...
She can't wait to see the real thing tomorrow!
The rundown for today:
Letter 'C':
1.  We made our 'C' page for our letter book.
Farm (Equipment, Crops, and Products):
1.  We read The Farmer by Rosalinda Kightley.
2.  We read I’m Going to be a Farmer by Edith Kunhardt.
3.  We read Farm Patterns by Nathan Olson.
4.  We read Farm Tractors by Matt Doeden.
5.  We listened to 'Hold On' on her Wee Sing Fun ‘n’ Folk CD (a song that refers to plowing a field).
6.  We listened to 'Father Grumble' on her Wee Sing Fun ‘n’ Folk CD (about a grumpy farmer).
7.  We did corn cob painting on paper.
8.  We opened the fridge and talked about all the products that came from farm animals. We also talked about the different types of clothes and materials we wear that farms provide (cotton, wool).
1.  We read The Circus Surprise by Ralph Fletcher.
2.  We read Circus Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina.
3.  We read Little Bobo’s Circus Adventure by Serena Romanelli.
4.  We read Disney’s Dumbo.
5.  We watched Disney’s Dumbo.
6.  We ate a popcorn snack out of a paper cone.
7.  We made elephant and tiger bag puppets.

So, I will post some pictures after we visit the circus tomorrow, but until Monday, we're taking a break!  See you later!

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